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For those of you who abhor posts with lines and lines of seemingly endless text, this is for you. While diving through Youtube, I came across this song called ‘Danjo’ (男女)- I’ve no idea where it’s from, but the lyrics are quite catchy. Let’s get going then- here’s the subbed version, with everyone’s favourite Vocaloid characters grooving to it (No Kamui Gakupo though- sigh):

Nice, eh? I think that these ‘Danjo’ videos are actually pretty old, so you might have heard of them before this. Not that I care, I’m so in love with it right now! As with most videos that come out of Japan, this one started out on Nico Nico Douga before ending up on Youtube. Now here’s one with a Japanese mimi- bah, mime, sorry. Typo which I neglected to correct for no obvious reason- make one up if you need one.


Insane, eh? However, someone explained his inhuman speed and flexibility with a cold formula- that it was recorded at half speed, and played back at double. It makes sense, but doesn’t really detract from it’s entertainment value. In the next video we have the mime gracefully performing Japan’s national dance, the Hare Hare Yukai:

And that’s it- back to work for me. Toodles till next. Oh, and one more thing- from now on all posts will be drafted in Google Chrome. Not just because my blog looks a lot better in Chrome, but because posts written in Internet Explorer look odd in Chrome… ah. That really ties in to the first point, doesn’t it? Hehe^^;;



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  1. @A20: Umm, there was a point? Haha, not that u need one, but I’m sure there was. LOL, ah well, at least I was attentive enough to catch the “mimi”… typo… {Dozes off}

    • Hehe, found the videos boring? I just couldn’t help but post them- the Danjo song was too addictive^^;;
      As for the mimi typo… it started out as ‘mine’. Not once, but twice. Then I got fed up and typed in mimi on the third time- with that typo, I gave up. Regained my thought-hand-keyboard synchronization after that, though^^;

      EDIT: Oh. Just reread the post and realized what you meant. The first point was ‘because my blog looks a lot better in Chrome’, and the second ‘because posts written in Internet Explorer look odd in Chrome’, which really relates to the first anyway- as in the extra aesthetic pleasure conferred by viewing the site in Chrome.

  2. @A20: Well, boring isn’t the word, lol. Maybe repetitive? Ah, I thought there was a “Mimi” reference there! I guess there wasn’t, lol. Actually, I don’t even know what I meant… I just thought your “first point” was your first sentence at the top of the post. And u were just being sarcastic… Oh well, that’s twice. I guess I’m reading things that were never there to begin with! Not to worry, I’ll lower my expectations next time, lol.

    • Lol, there is a Mimi reference there- I just didn’t mean it as one in the first place:p It would make sense referring to her here, since part of the title of the post is ‘otaku’, but I don’t think she mimes. But then again you’ve known her for much longer than I’ve been stalking her site, so who knows…

      Haha, who’s the one being over-analytical now, eh? *winks*
      But I guess I’ll have to be more specific when I say ‘first point’.. it’s really not your fault that you zoomed back to the first para and wondered where the non-existent connection was.

      • @A20: Over-analytical? Me? “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” I’m just saying, ha.

        • LOL, feel free to over-analyse anything you read here- it makes for good fun:) How’s your work going?

  3. Lolz. The Danjo clips are cool. <3 First time I’ve heard of them; mind if I pimp them out on my blog as well?

    Also…O.o Japan has a national dance? I expected it to be more traditional somehow….

    • No problem in relation to the video pimping:)

      As for the national dance, it’s actually the Hare Hare Yukai from an anime calledThe “Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi“. It’s not really official, but what with Taro Aso’s Otaku-tourism announcement, it might as well be, given it’s tremendous popularity.

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