I turned my head and the ponytail I never knew I had whipped me

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This is a going to be a rather pointless post, mainly, as they say out there, for the lulz. There is a tiny little point to this though… so try think of this as an indirect announcement, or, perhaps, what a politician says when he/she’s out for re-election and is completely out of ideas. Anyway, this all originated from yet another Facebook quiz I was invited to take:

Levin just took the “What signature hairstyle are you?” quiz and the result is Ponytail.

You are classic and versatile, no-fuss, no-muss. Casual and laid-back, you go with the flow and adapt to your environment easily, from cocktail party to movie night at home in your pajamas. Everyone loves you because you are genuine and real, and not into all the attention and drama.

Hmm. Let’s see. Classic. Depends on which definition of the word it’s taking- I’ll go for the positive one. Versatile? Definitely, I can fit into most situations without much fuss. Most, anyway. No-fuss? I’m easily irritated, so that one’s out of the window. And whatever the heck is ‘muss’? A distant relative of musk? Go with the flow? I thought the flow usually goes around me. Oh well. Movie night at home in your pajamas? Oh please, I’ve nonchalantly gone to lectures wearing those pajamas. Genuine. Of course. What else could I be, a genie? No thanks, I like having legs.  Not into the attention? Quite true, although it can be pleasant now and then. As for the drama… I don’t enjoy being thrown into it, but I cope. I do enjoy watching it enfold, however:3

Here’s a little online conversation that developed as a result of this quiz- let’s just call the other guy Gundam-baka, since that’s the hairstyle he wanted:

Gundam-baka: lol.. billy from 00.. @@

Yours Truly: Nonono… Kenshin;)

Gundam-baka: lol.. no no.. sephiroth.. lol

Yours truly: Sephiroth’s hair is free fall.. not a ponytail><;

Gundam-baka: then billy lo.. – –

Yours Truly: Haha Billy is lame:P

Gundam-baka: lol.. he discover trans am got bushido.. xD

Yours Truly: He’s an overgrown crybaby:3

Gundam-baka: lol.. then.. nana!!

Yours Truly: …That’s fine with me^^;;

Gundam-baka: omg.. i wan setsuna.. trans-am burst mode.. so gay.. ~_~

…just goes to show how nuts I am about NANA. I should have done a review of the anime (And movies) months ago. I keep saying I will, but, ah. Time aplenty after exams… *whistles away*- If only I could whistle. Bah. 



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