Book of Revelations, Verse 20:4 (Edited for General Perusal)

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Sugar Cocktail

Sugar Cocktail: This picture will last while it lasts. Just contact me if you see nothing. No, this is not a caption to the picture. And she is not the one who's saying all this. Ah whatever, just read on...


Well, I do have a reason for stealing the above picture. You see, she stole mine. I was just checking out my blogroll when I noticed something familiar staring back at me. Oh my- a really old photo of mine, taken about, what, four, five years ago? And I still look pretty much the same, haha! I swear I’ll probably look the same forever^,^;

Yeah, well. She’d stolen the picture for a post on her friends birthdays. Quite a few too. Back in high school, besides this Korean guy, I was the only one whose birthday was in April. The Korean guy’s was 3 days ahead of mine- the day Shakespeare died. I shared Hitler’s  birthday. Oh, and Japanese idol Kuroda Mirei (黒田美礼). Ah well. Point is, wait, was there one? Hmm. Oh well, the reason I’m using her picture should be obvious, innit? She stole my pic for a birthday wish of sorts, and I’m stealing her pic as a form of thanks, via extra blogviews. Hopefully, hehe. So click on:3

Um. Right. The knowledge that other people are also born in April finally hit me hard in class last Saturday, when someone had a party- they’d ordered pizza for the entire class. Quite a surprise. Then, I’ve also been invited to another party. I blame proximity.

I don’t really feel like thinking right now- I’ve been hit with a terrible flu and a sore throat. Slept the whole day (yay, how fun) when I should have been studying. Oh wait, I wouldn’t have studied in the first place anyway. My first paper is on the 13th of May. Here’s a perfect little formula for whoever’s sitting for exams: I will rely on four things to get through:

i- Outsider’s point of view. Since I hate law.
ii- Sublime linguistic skills.
iii- Minimal reading (mugging)
iv- Ego that assures me that I’ll get through fine, no matter what.

Finally, on a side note, while waiting at a train station, I used a public phone to call someone I hadn’t been able to contact for ages. She answered the phone. I didn’t know what to say. My dad arrived. I hung up, and left without a word. Don’t ask for details. Because I won’t answer.


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