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What to do, where to start...

What to do, where to start...

Holiday season now, at least until late August. So now’s the perfect time to get started on the difficult task of ’emigrating’ to- no, I’m not leaving this country, so don’t weep… I’m just preparing for an eventual move from this WordPress blog to a free host, and there’s plenty I need to find out. 

To keep this simple, here’s a checklist:

1) Find out which free host is the best of the lot. 

– So far I’ve found:
– At the very least, consider the possibility of getting a paid host.

2) Find out the drawbacks of using a free host.

– Overload in advertising and banner/pop-up ads.
– Frequent downtime without access to your site.
– Lack of support, dependability or reliability.
– Use of limited space, then possible removal if you overuse the space allotted.
– Lack of secure server access.
– The speed of their servers may be slower than those of paid hosts.
– Restrictions on file sizes and types allowed to be uploaded to your free site.
– Unremarkable or easily forgettable domain names that are so long that they take your breath away before you can even remember them.

Source. They aren’t free, so the info may be biased, though…

3) Looks like I’ll need to get a domain name too.

– I’d love to stay as
– Of course, would be nice, but I think I’d have to pay for that.
– Something like is just too horrible *burn it out of mind!*
– I’ve heard of domain names being taken away because they were free, because someone paid for it. Scary. 

4) Negativing the drawbacks of a free host:

– Find one without ads and no lies.
Downtime. Do I need to worry about this? I get anything from 10 to 100 views a day. Average 30. Should I worry?
Lack of support. Don’t see the need for it, anyway.
Limited space. No worries, I’ll just store my files elsewhere. But do posts take up space? One word equals one kilobyte?
– Lack of secure server access. Wuzzat? 
– Server speed may be slower than paid hosts. Should I worry about this with my low traffic?
Upload restrictions. I won’t upload files there, so no problem with this one.
Lousy domain names. This could be an issue. 

5) Build a new site. Will need tools, and learn how to use them.

– Considering Microsoft Web Developer, since I can get the full version for free.
-Open Source? I don’t know of any. 

6) Learn about ads.

– Three options at the moment: Advertlets, Adsense, and Nuffnang.
– Whether I’ll need PayPal, or a credit card.
– How the ads work. 
– On the other hand, if I could garner enough hits to maintain a paid host… 

Oh well, that’s that, for now, at least.

P.S: Now Chrome is screwing with me- this post makes my site look funny, with the half of the blue turned to white. It’s working fine in Firefox though.


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  1. Heh. I remember this…tried out a bunch when I was trying to set up a WPMU somewhere. (Nothing worked; normal WP would work, but not MU. :( ) I must say I was quite pleasantly-surprised that web hosting has advanced a lot since the old times, when I used Brinkster and freeyellow. (I never tried geocities -shudders-)

    The one I’m currently on to dump stuff onto once in a while is — under their unimpressive-sounding domain. E.g. a random export of my unupdated anidb. I think I probably have a wp sitting around somewhere there, but I don’t bother mucking around inside nowadays..Also signed up for some others, like x10 and stuffs.

    – Overload in advertising and banner/pop-up ads. — you’ll find that most (or well, the nice ones) shouldn’t have overload…000webhost says they don’t, and I don’t generally see some on my pages. ._.
    – Frequent downtime without access to your site. — haven’t experienced much, but haven’t used it much..I did have a day of ftp non-access to my site that made me freak out lots and not trust them..(and eventually this will be the problem with downtime — not so much that readers can’t get to it, cos if they really want to they’ll check back, but that you don’t have any idea what’s wrong or when it’ll get back up..doesn’t help if support ain’t useful. -wry- And for a free user, there probably won’t be much support. ._.)
    – Lack of support, dependability or reliability. — I agree about support. Somehow I feel bad when asking them for help. And they might say they have the right to ignore you since you don’t pay as well?
    – Use of limited space, then possible removal if you overuse the space allotted. — Whoa, I’ve never heard about the latter. ._. Backup often!

    On ads — so much stuff around I’ve given up trying to get into it. (The ones on my page at the moment are auto and not controlled by me. -wry-) You probably need something to be paid into, unless you have a bank account in an accessible country. (Don’t think you should need a CC, though.. ._.)

    Good luck! And hey, what’s wrong with XD I think it’s cute, haha..

    • Thanks for the input! Always better to rely on independent user feedback compared to testimonials, etc. Sounds like 000webhost has treated you well enough… wonder if they’ll allow me to use another domain- does sound rather stale.
      Haha, come to think of it, is kinda nice… it’s just the first thing that popped into my mind as I wrote it:)

  2. Run! It’s a spambot! D:

    • Running! Running! …and out of breath, *pant pant*

  3. 1. Get paid hosting if you have the money, paid hosting more reliable

    2. Free hosting always have draw back. Probably the most annoying things are: Down time, and no backup.

    3. If you read this, go register your domain name first! Dont’ worry, you can register your domain name without having web hosting.

    4. You should worry about downtime. My visitor now around 10-100 per day, but trust me. As blog visitor, I always annoyed because the blog want to visit unavailable. Also, server speed is vital point. If you able to pay webhosting that can load your pages faster than free hosting, why not? Visitor love when they know if your website loaded fast.

    5. Building? WHAT FOR? Since you using WordPress, then you should use! All web hosting even provide you the installation in their system. Need help? You know my email (I offer you free help :) )

    6. Ads? no comment about this. Use whatever you like it.

    Edit: Incorporated this from your other comment^-^
    Forgot to add, since we talking about speed. Here is article I’ve write about server speed, try to read it if you have free time ^^:

    • Yeah, I’m mostly worried about the downtime issue.
      As for building, ah… I just felt like designing a unique user interface, but learning how to will take some time… wonder if I could get it to run on Thanks for the offer, I just might take you up on it sometime soon:)
      ..but I think I’d better spend some time looking around first- three months till classes resume, so there’s time^^
      Although perhaps there’s no time for the domain name, huh…

  4. @A20: Hmm. Or like in Angry Mimi-chan’s case, just get someone to pay and build it for u!

    • Haha, I don’t think I know anyone who’d do that for me, although it would be nice^-^

  5. Looks like I missed this one out.Here are my 2 Cents:

    Go grab a paid webhost.I got a deal where i had to sign a 2 year contract where the first year was free and the second is 3 Euro a month.
    Ive got a domain,webspace and a pretty nifty software package that included stuff like Photoshop elements.Alone the software package was worth the money.

    I played a bit around with a free webhoster before and had some terrible experiences.Downtime was especially bad.Best thing was that the Admin flamed me for leaving it afterwards

    • 3 Euros per month… that would be about RM15 here. Sounds like a good deal though, what with the software and domain. I think I’ll ‘play around’ with a free webhost too, haha. But how could the admin flame you for leaving it? It’s not like you have an obligation to maintain it… meanie, haha:)

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