CNY ’09: Leftovers

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The very much delayed continuation of my previous CNY post. The events of the first part of this post took part on the 30th of January. A reunion of sorts with some friends from high school.

Went to fetch MC Wing from his condo, and then Geoff. Too lazy to drive up to his front gate, so I just parked across the road and honked away- he had to call and ask us to wait, hehe. Lunch at Tony Roma’s in Sunway Pyramid, where we were later joined by another pal from HS.

Had a Shiitake mushroom burger. Somehow the food wasn’t as nice as the first time we went there… I still remember that time, when knowing absolutely nothing about how meat is done Western style, the waitress asked us ‘well done, medium, or rare?’ and we went with medium just to be safe, haha.

Geoff. The table was so small and cramped- I’d have preferred the sofa table like the one behind him, but they were all taken up>,<

MC Wing. And a bigger view of the comfy sofa table I so wanted to sit at… girl in the background had a nice green shirt.

CWL. Brownies and ice-cream… not too sure if that’s a good combination, but what the heck. Ain’t mine anyway.

Dinner at CWL’s place. His mom had prepared some food, but wasn’t expecting guests. Some sort of herbal chicken soup, roast meat… 

Playing cards. Started out with mahjong, which I knew nothing about. Both of them tried to teach it to me, but apparently they were teaching me different versions of the game. The result? A major headache and extreme confusion. Geoff came along and the game switched to cards (and gambling). MC and I played by chips, leaving the other two to enjoy their emotional ups and downs… and that’s it.

Before we left, we had a brief but interesting conversation on premarital sex- MC was all for abstaining, with CWL on the opposing side of the fence. Factors such as love, mutual respect, blablabla popped out. In the end, CWL asked me where I stood on the issue- I said I probably wouldn’t do it either.

He said that MC Wing and I know each other too well and think alike, which I countered by saying that he’s abstaining just because he’s a nice guy… me, on the other hand, to put it crudely, I’d like to screw with a girl’s head before screwing her lower regions- even if she wants it, I won’t give it to her. Mean and irritating, but that’s me, and it works wonders:)

So ends part one. Part two took place on the 3rd of February, in front of my house- I saw what I suspected to be one of those banned kong ming lanterns floating up high- see that squiggly seahorse-like thing?

Banned in Malaysia due to the danger of it burning whatever it lands on. Something like one of the USAF’s hunter-killer drones, but governed by the wind, with zero artificial intelligence. The same goes for whoever set it aloft.

Playing with the camera’s settings… probably on fireworks mode. Loved that mode ever since I first discovered it waaay back in Night Orbs.

The lights focused on here are from the streetlights. It’s interesting how they seem to form some sort of Oriental characters… I tried ‘writing‘ with the camera by swinging it around before it snapped the photo. Couldn’t get any legible words, but it still ended up relatively nice.

And that’s that.



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  1. @A20: Hey man, the combo of ice cream and brownies is one of the “wonders of the world”. You’re missing out! ^_^

    P.S. Lemme just say once more that “” is an annoying piece of browser-slowing crap. There. Done. You may carry on, lol.

    • I might try it out someday, I suppose. But the combination of warm (brownies) and cold (IC) just feels a little odd:/
      lol, fused your postscript into this one- guess I will get rid of it, since I’ve moved to imeem anyway (can’t incorporate it here though):p

      • @A20: Ah, that’s the trick. Gotta enjoy it before the brownies melt the ice cream too much, lol.

        No worries. Just that every time I start typing, the Box freezes my Firefox for a few seconds, I click “Yes” to cancel out the script, then continue typing again. Irritating. But that’s the extent of it. No biggie.

        • No worries. I just remembered how irritated I used to get when those ‘script errors’ popped up- although that was mostly from my worries of ‘if I click this, will something crucial in the site stop working, forcing me to refresh, and waste more time? gahhhh~’. so lol, the box is gone^^;

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