When pro-assassins get hooked on manga

May 26, 2009 at 7:57 pm | Posted in Art | 2 Comments
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Duke Togo.


Bringing you the latest news on Duke Tougou, an assassin known as Golgo 13. While on a mission in Japan he read a manga called Death Note, and so attracted was he  to one character, the Death God Ryuk, that it seems he has begun to cosplay as the aforementioned Death God during missions. Incidentally, he has also quit smoking, but seems to have a craving for apples. However, unlike Ryuk he does not do headstands if deprived of them.



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  1. Atleast noone will think of him as an Assasin but as a stupid cosplayer

    • I wonder if that would make it easier to do his job, haha!

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