Chaos;Head: Delusion=Reality

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Chaos;Head OP

Chaos;Head OP

I’ve been wondering whether to watch Chaos;Head for some time- it’s been languishing in my hard drive for some time now, but I just never got around to watching it. I even considered getting rid of it. Truth be told, I’m glad I didn’t. I just felt like I had to grant it a review, but since everyone else has probably done it, why bother? Then again… how about a guide through my thought processes as I watched it? Well then, read on if you’d like to see my neurons darting around…

Shes not real. Or is she?

She's not real. Or is she?

In the above picture we have our main character, Nishijou Takumi, along with a pink haired girl whom only he can see. She also happens to be an anime character and object of all his carnal desires… and they’re married. Well, at least in his head they are.

Wonderful, I thought. Yet another story of some wimpy kid who ends up saving the world? Not again… oh well. I can’t understand why someone would believe that he’s married to a virtual character, anyway. I understand having a liking for certain 2D girls, or jokingly saying things like ‘she’s my wife’, but to actually believe that he’s married to one? I found Taku quite annoying in the beginning…

Otaku Stereotype

Otaku Stereotype

Now this is one portrayal of the ‘Otaku’-subculture, that I just can’t get along with, despite the fact that they probably exist in real life. Yes, the stereotypical fat, drab, occasionally with terrible BO, otaku. Apparently the sword-wielding girl in this picture doesn’t either, as she just cut down this one. No, I’m not telling you what she smashed, but let’s just say Mr. big belly won’t be very happy about it…

Takumi wa takumashii ne~

Takumi wa takumashii ne~

As he gets into more and more trouble, occasionally some strange girls come up to Takumi, telling him to find his ‘sword’. Hooboy. Let’s not get into a lesson on symbology, shall we? Oh what the heck, you’re all mature enough to accept what I’m going to say. I’m pretty sure Takumi would have understood the hidden meaning if he wasn’t so busy whimpering… come on, pretty girl tells you to ‘find your sword’. Swords are symbols of male fertility, blablabla, you get my drift. Anyway, Takumi found his sword in the end… and it was pretty long too. OK that was rather crass.

Ashes, ashes! We all fall down...

Ashes, ashes! We all fall down...

Otaku aren’t the only stars of the show- Chaos;Head successfully brings together various moe (Um, likeable? Drive-guys-mad traits?) genres such as the tsundere, yandere, osananajimi, dojikko, imouto, and the ‘reality is a fantasy book girl’. Alright, I made the last one up, but she’s in the show.

Oh, and did I mention how much I like their school uniform, particularly the skirts, with that strip of lace? The guys pants are ugly, though. As usual, the guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion… *sigh*

Ahh, look at me sleeping on a flowerbed...

"Ahh, look at me sleeping on a flowerbed... that's right, look at me"

There’s this word that pops out quite often: gigalomaniac. Apparently it refers to someone who can interfere with human’s sensory input/output functions, and as an extension of that, reality itself (Even your own delusions can be made real). For example, bringing a flowerbed into existence out of nowhere. Never mind the science behind that concept, but why ‘gigalomaniac’? It sounds way too close to gigolo… so they’re all gigolo maniacs? Erm.

You will obey me

"You will obey me"

Forget about gigalomaniacs for a moment, and consider this: what happens when you have a gigalomaniac who also happens to be a megalomaniac? Chaos. Hmm. Chaos? Chaos;Head… ah, yes, the title makes sense now. After all, this show is all about the thin line separating delusion from reality… all that nonsense will just confuse you. Hence, Chaos;Head. And gigalomaniacal megalomaniacs must be the most messed up of them all.

There a Queens Blade fan lurking in this show?

There a Queen's Blade fan lurking in this show?

Yes, there are fights, and quite a few of them close to the finale, but they don’t drag the viewer’s attention away from the main psychological themes. Reality vs. delusion. The power inherent in such an ability… sadly, no matter how much I like it, I don’t think I could use it. I just find it impossible to lie to myself. How could I possibly convince myself that I can generate snakes out of  thin air?

Then again, what if I could? I can’t lie to myself, but if I get my ‘sword’, then I’d be one step closer to believing in the delusion=reality theory. It’s like ghosts: I won’t believe in them until I come face to face with one. Anyhow, if I had full control of such a power… why, no one would be able to stop me. Why waste time jumping around swinging strangely shaped swords and performing little magic tricks? I’d just think of myself as some sort of godly being. Touché.

I can’t stand for the idea of being able to manipulate people to such an extent, however. Total abolishment of free will. Well, not really- more of a diversion of it. How would you react to such a situation, I wonder? I’d fight back, and I can say this for sure. After all, something comparable has happened before… night paralysis. At the time I didn’t know if I was dreaming or if there was some presence pushing me down, but I stuggled against it, and eventually broke free, thinking “ざまーみろ!” (In English: in your face).  So you gigalomaniacal megalomaniacs had better stay away from me.

Since when did girls like frogs?

Since when did girls like frogs?

Yeah, since when? I’ve never liked frogs either. Keroro is acceptable, but these frogs? Like, eww(=,=);;

Anyway, I was quite glad that this show escaped the problem Sola encountered. I won’t tell you what it was, so you’ll just have to watch it to find out. I had many more things to say about this show, deep, deep things, things that would make you think, as well as think of strangling me for being so intentionally vague, and how impossible such a feat would be even if you’re a g igalomaniacal megalomaniac… and, oh. To finish off the earlier part of the previous sentence (I had many more things to say about this show)- the continuation being: “But I forgot what they were halfway through.” So there, haha^^;;



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  1. Haha…. I like this show, but then I didn’t like it. I tried my hardest to just enjoy the stupid thing, and I did. But I also got caught up on a lot of the problems I had with it. Taku has a “Shinji Complex,” and that’s one of the most annoying character types ever created.

    And…you know…. If you were creating yourself, would you make him a sniveling, cowardly, pathetic human being? Or would you make him totally awesome?

    • Quite true- I liked it and hated it at the same time. The concept was good, but there were some irritating elements… silly looking sword, the unnecessary harem… and yes, recreating oneself as a hapless little recluse. Strange indeed.

      I don’t really know what a Shinji complex is- I’m guessing it’s someone who causes others to have an intense urge to slap him and scream “get a hold of yourself!” I’ve always wanted to watch Eva, but have no idea where to start. All the old movies, a series too, I think? The new movies, etc… a complete mess.

      • Haha, that’s a pretty good description of the Shinji Complex.
        Basically what it comes down to, is that the fate of the entire world is in the hands of a pansy, whiny coward. has a good definition (just ignore the horrible grammar errors):

        “An emotional, or mind state, in which a person becomes a whiney little bitch. The world around them becomes disfigured as they attempt to deal with there problems with themselves and/or other people.

        Often the signs include the person saying things such as “why do I exist?” and “I mustn’t run away” ”

        For Eva –
        You start with the TV series. Either the original cut or the Director’s cut (I’ve yet to see the DC, so I can’t comment on it, but the original is probably fine, if it’s still around; the Platinum release has the DC episodes). Then you watch the movies Death and Rebirth, followed by The End of Evangelion.
        Then, if you still want more (lol, if you’re not sick of it already), you watch Evangelion 1.0 You are (Not) Alone. Then Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.
        Eventually there will be an Evangelion 3.0 and then an Evangelion Final.

        • Hmm, based on the urbandict definition, the character becomes a ‘whiney little bitch’ by having to deal with the world’s troubles. Chaos;Head’s Takumi, however, is pretty much a WLB from the very beginning, haha. The world around them becomes disfigured? Haha, I like these errors in logic- seems like urbandict thinks that victims of the Shinji complex are the real problem. Simply put, “you’re not helping, so bugger off”, hehe. I’m kinda glad there aren’t many WLBs as main protagonists.

          Thanks for the Eva chrono-guide. I think I have ‘Death and Rebirth’, as well as ‘1.0’. I think I’ll push myself to watch everything, though…plenty of time to spare at the moment.

          • Well…Shinji is a WLB from the beginning of the show. When he was small (before the series begins), he probably wasn’t as bad. But his mother dies and his father sort of abandons him. So I guess you could say his circumstances caused it, though there’s always a basis for that stuff somewhere; it just takes a trigger to set it off.

            • Ah, I wouldn’t know about that. Hopefully the ladies and the storyline will help divert my attention from his WLBness. I guess I just can’t sympathize with such characters, due to my own personality- too impatient to wait for the WLB to get him/herself together, or even give some encouragement, amongst other factors.

  2. @A20-man: Gahhh, just downloaded the series. So forgive me for having skipped this review for now, lol. ^_~

    • No problem, anytime you’re ready. Will be interesting to see what you make of it too.

      • @A20-man: I haven’t read beyond the first paragraph, lol, but given our track record, there’s a good chance I may have an *equal and opposite* reaction to yours! ^_^

        • Probably. Always nice to get an alternate perspective of something^-^

  3. I only watched this series partway, but I completed the VN save for one ending which I don’t have the patch for yet. I was a bit turned off when the writers failed to include one of my favorite and rather significant scenes. I’m don’t want to accidentally spoil anything but it showed that Takumi truly cared for his sister and was willing to face his fears for her sake. There are other things too but they’re mostly because of my “original is best hurr” bias. ^^;

    I thought Takumi’s personality was one of the things that made Chaos;HEad interesting but half of the time I couldn’t help but go “God DAMN what a bitch.” Interestingly enough, there is actually a small population that like Takumi because he reminds them of themselves, which I can understand since I adore Shinji for the same reasons. (which is probably the same answer most Shinji fans would give.) I don’t think I’m quite as bad though lol. ^^;

    >And…you know…. If you were creating yourself, would you make him a sniveling, cowardly, pathetic human being? Or would you make him totally awesome?
    I’m not sure if it was mentioned in the anime, but original Takumi used up a ton of his power creating another version of himself, so he wasn’t strong enough to make a total badass that would save the world. He had no choice but to settle on a “defective” existence.

    Btw, after you finish up the Eva series and the movies, read the Re-Take doujin. One of the best pieces of Evangelion fanworks imo. (Note that it’s R18, so read with caution :P ) Also watch the fandub short ReDeath, it makes me lol everytime.

    • Took me some time to figure out what VN means, haha. Hmm, Takumi growing up for the sake of his sister? He did end up caring for his sister in the anime, although he didn’t do much for her, I suppose. Geez, since I published this review I’ve pretty much shelved most of what I remember about the anime into some dark corner in my mind- don’t remember much as a result=,=

      …but I do remember that I was pretty irritated with his whiny attitude, haha. As for recreating oneself, being a fan of the MTG series, I already know what I’d want to turn myself into. Idle fantasies^^;; I don’t really remember whether the anime mentioned that point (about having too little strength left), but they did say that every time ‘new-and-improved’ Takumi used his powers, Takumi 1.0 lost some of his ‘life-force’. In any case, I thought that Taku 1.0 wanted to create another him who could move around freely- instead of dumping Taku 2.0 in the middle of Europe with an EU passport, he made him an almost-hikikomori in Tokyo… this bothered me quite a bit.

      R18 doujin, eh? No worries, I can read it without getting arrested, haha. Eva will have to wait, though… large backlog of anime to watch before holidays end.

  4. @A20-man: Well, finally posted my “Chaos Head” speed-review. Whew. So after reading Kris-chan’s review, I finally read yours. It’s hard for me to tell if u like it or not. So you’re probably not sure if u do either, lol… But what do u mean by “Sola”? I watched it a while ago, but I forget her “problem”? Was it daylight? Something vampirical? Can’t see the “Chaos” connection…

    • As mentioned on Kris’s review, I felt that the fact that Takumi was independent of his creator was the show’s saving grace. In Sola, the sky-obsessed protagonist was just a magical construct which could not exist on its own.

      Hard to tell whether I liked it or not? Haha, I guess so. Like you did, I give it a 3/5… Good, but not good enough. I’m kinda surprised that you gave it the spotlight, though, seeing as you gave the other shows more favourable reviews. Or was it just the nice art that seduced you into doing so? ,(^@^),

  5. Hey, he’s the only one with green pants in one of the pics up there! XD I’m generally unobservant, don’t know why I noticed that when I was initially watching..

    I guess I didn’t really give Chaos Head much of a chance, but at the time, there was other stuff I wanted to watch. :)

    • With a book in my hand at the time, I wasn’t paying much attention either^^;;
      It’s alright, I wouldn’t have cared too much if I’d missed it either. Some of the ideas in it are nice, but that’s about it- the rest is average:3

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