A Tale of Sexual Harassment, Enlightenment, and Amorous Monks

June 1, 2009 at 1:47 am | Posted in Outings | 16 Comments
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First things first: I’d really love to have post summaries, with a ‘read more’ option for every post, but I just can’t seem to find it. Guess I’ll just throw a link to the photo albums for photo-heavy posts like this one. Ah well. Oh, and I’ll be stuck on an island from Monday till Wednesday. What’s this post about, anyway? A long-awaited reunion with ex-classmates, with all the juiciness that can be expected from a horde of five gorgeous people with equally twisted minds. So here goes.

Took a bus to KL Central, which is something like a baby Tokyo station. The only other person who was already there was Chris, but before meeting him I told him to wait as I went to the powder room to put on some makeup. Just joking, of course- all I did was change my shirt, from an expendable one pop got for me from HK to a gorgeous one I picked up in Japan. Just didn’t feel like saying toilet, washroom, or loo. Irritating, I suppose, but what the heck.

Once everyone had arrived, we headed to Sushi King, but despite it being sometime around 11:40 am, was still closed… with a most annoying notice pasted near the entrance. Hello? Open from Monday to Sunday, yet closed during the weekends and public holidays? Oi!

Bad business as a result of stupidity, no doubt.

Bad business as a result of stupidity, no doubt.

5 of us. Two guys and three girls. A little unbalanced for a triple date, no? Never mind that. Went to KLCC instead. Had lunch at Sakae Sushi. Service was a little slow, but the food was alright. I had Chris beside me instead of the girls- hence the first part of this post’s title, ‘sexual harassment’. His specialty is yaoi shots. I play along most of the time, when I’m in a good mood and feeling graceful. Although this time it was a tad annoying as I was trying very hard to concentrate on my food, haha^^;

Sakae group shot

Sakae group shot

Group shot. From left, Elizabeth the Hamster, Jeanie Beanie, Trying-hard-to-smile-Moi, Micchi, and Chrissy. I don’t remember much of what was said, but I do remember this bit, when we were ordering:

Hammie: We’ll have, umm… five Japanese tea”
Moi: Green tea lah. What do you think this is, some Chinese kopitiam? Teh Cina?
Waiter: *trying hard not to giggle to loudly*

Oh, they gave us Genmaicha (brown rice tea) instead of green tea, though. I’ve had it before and thus knew how it tasted, but the rest took some time to get used to it.

We thought of watching a movie, but upon seeing the weekend queue stretching off into infinity, and at times looking very much like a Gordian know, we gave up and headed for the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. No luck here either, as they were sold out for the day. Did manage to check out some photos and pictures of Haydn‘s life. I also found the elixir of old age:

Granny Lev


The MPO having failed us, we ended up wandering around the mall, checking out formal attire with Chris, and lingerie and shoes with the girls (Without Chris, haha), before finally ending up in Starbucks, and then the park, where we sat and talked away the time, as well as being turned into ant food whilst camwhoring. Here’s where the third part of the title comes in- we spotted two monks having their photos taken, first while proposing, and then in joyful embrace.

Apartment Group Shot

Apartment Group Shot

More wandering around the mall after that- Kinokuniya, here and there, before finally ending up in this place called the Apartment. Some sort of bistro/bar. Prices, of course, were outageous. I’m not really interested in liquor, but I had a glass anyway. Here’s a list of my alcoholic history:

-Sniffed pop’s beer. Smelly, eww
-Shandy. Nice enough, even though my aunt says it’s a ‘girl’s drink’
-Vodka mixed into chocolate ice-cream at TGIF. Nice.
-Sangria. Pretty nice, this one, but not much alcohol
-Grappa. Bloody murder. Didn’t finish it
-Cocktails on a flight back from Italy. Made my skin dry
-Beer, tonight. Felt a little odddddddd….

Why so? Apparently it was because I had it on an  empty stomach. It hurt the whole way back until I found some food to relieve the pain. Never mind that. We had a lively discussion- topics like pre-marital sex, pornography, etc, and other details too personal to let out on a public site. To quench your curiosity I give you a video of Elizabeth dancing on stage, and no, she was not drunk at the time.

Time to end this. Twas a great outing, and this post would have been better still if I could remember all the weirdness that I caused as a result of my constant mishearing of perfectly innocent words. Another outing is in the works- maybe next time, I should record my words, haha. Before I run off, here’s one photo which I’m particularly fond off- I name it the ‘Strange Lost Child’. I had a better name for it at the time, but it took a hike without me. I need chains for my thoughts now too, it seems.

Lost Child

Lost Child

Link to the Facebook album if you’re interested.


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  1. Well that looks like fun! I got to hang out with some people I hadn’t seen in a while this weekend as well. But we didn’t do much. My friend Michael came over on Friday night to talk about his disappointing (though slightly fulfilling for a part) time at A-Kon. Saturday was meh – dinner with the fiancee’s family.
    Today I went downtown (to A-Kon, though I was only actually at the con for about 10 minutes). Said “hi” to some web comic people at the con, then went with (Snafu) Dave and our friend DJ (and his girl Cat) to find food. Went all the way down to Subway – closed on Sunday. Italian place – closed. Mexican -closed. Walked all the way back and then down a ways to the Plaza for the food court. Ate some food, explained to Dave what Battlestar Galactica was, got annoyed by costumed miscreants playing a loud game of duck duck goose in the middle of a skyway. Came home. Watched anime. Left again for Dungeons and Dragons. Wooo excitement (not really, lol). Am now tired and have sore legs from hiking around downtown.

    ….sorry that was totally uninteresting, lol.

    But I did want to know why monks were proposing?

    • Haha, not uninteresting in the least! No ia what A-Kon is, though. Snafu Dave? Clumsy guy, I suppose, lol.
      Restaurants closed, closed, closed? You won’t get that here- Malaysians eat 24/7- some McDs even have 24 hour outlets.
      Battlestar Galactica fan? Awesome, it’s one of the best sci-fi teledramas out there.
      As for the monks, I don’t really know- don’t think they were proposing, though. Hammie told me to snap several shots of them, and it just looked like one of them was proposing, haha.
      …unless they were fakes? Fake monks are pretty common around here.

      • Haha, I should have explained.
        A-Kon is (I believe) the second largest and I think the longest running anime convention in the United States; it runs every year in Dallas, Texas.
        Snafu Dave is David Stanworth, owner of Snafu Comics. He has a wiki!
        I’ve known him for about 7 years. We call him Snafu Dave so we don’t mix him up with other people named Dave, lol.
        The restaurants that were closed were down town in the arts and business district. Their purpose is to serve food for all the people who work in the surrounding office buildings. Therefore, not only do they close early during the week, they are all closed on Sundays because they won’t make any money.

        • Haha, that explains a lot. I can’t say I’ve heard of Snafu Comics, but to have a wiki, he must be someone big, alright^-^
          A-Kon is an anime convention- I should have expected that, haha. Was thinking of the singer Akon at the time.

          • And every time I see something about the singer Akon, I think of the convention, lol.

            Dave probably hosts one of the biggest and most popular collection of web comics on the web. Er, that may be a slight exaggeration. But he hosts 20 comics, including several by Bleedman, who is really popular with teenagers who can’t spell.

    • @Kris-chan: Speaking of D&D, where’s my game? LOL!

      • ………..

        I forgot. :\

  2. @A20: Awww. Hey, don’t ask me why this popped into my brain, but who was the girl who dragged u from your birthday doldrums? I’m too lazy (cough-cough), I mean, too busy to check.

    • Hmm… apparently the latest craze is to reply to a mention of laziness with ‘please don’t say you’re lazy, datte hontou wa crazy’. You won’t get that from me, haha! …although I just typed it out, bah. My birthday saviour? Elizabeth. She’s the one we call Hamster^^

      • @A20: Bahhh, too much “K-On”. Or should I say “K-Os”? Ahh, so she’s the savior. Exactly. Your savior from following the road to rebel-loner-ship! Thankfully, “Hamster” is quite preferable to “Gerbil”. Though “Mouse” might work too, lol.

        • Right, way too much. It’s everywhere, I just can’t seem to run away from it, sigh.
          Yup, my lighthouse, haha! For the record, she calls her boyfriend panda- just imagine what their children will be… *run off to lock the doors before she comes a-banging*

          • @A20: LOL, Pandas? Hamsters? Before she comes to a-bang whom? {As my videocam glints innocently in the computer glow.} ^o^

            • LOL, not that kind of banging- I suppose I should have said ‘a-knocking’ to avoid any problems caused by homonyms^^;;

  3. I dont drink any alcohol at all.Never even tried it.I bet id get totally wasted if youd snuck some stuff into my drinks

    • That bad? I just remembered the father and son in the GTO movie… just a little alcohol in their milk and they fainted, haha.

      • Like I said I never tried alcohol so I cant really tell but I guess thats what would happen to me^^

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