A Salve for Broken Eyes

June 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment
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In regards to the title of this post, just ignore the fact that eyes don’t get ‘broke’, unless they’re prosthetics or something. In any case, I don’t think one would apply lotion to mechanical objects. Oh well. Back to the post. I just returned from Redang island (more on it later), and I’m still recovering from the after-effects of car-lag.

The photos for this post were taken sometime just before my exams, sometime past midnight on the 7th of May, I think- I was too tired to study, but not tired enough to spend some time in front of the camera enjoying my own company, haha. Ten photos in the album, but I’ll only be featuring two in this post. So, without further ado…

Trying not to look too curvaceous.

Trying not to look too curvaceous.

Whoever came up with the timer function for cameras was a genius. Ten seconds was just enough time for me to run over and strike a pose.

In Deep Non-Thought

In Deep Non-Thought

I love this one, despite the fact that some think that I look rather androgynous in it. Ah well- even if my whole world collapses around me, I’ll still have my looks. Spoken like a true narcissist, haha. As if that wasn’t obvious already.

And that’s that- I think I’ll do some Masamune translation before hitting the sack again. Toodles till next.


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