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Well, quite a few things have happened over the last couple months, some of which I have neglected to write about, until now. Might as well dump them all into one long (I suppose, as of time of typing this paragraph) post. Perhaps a tiny little summary would help? Here goes, then: a brief tale of Malaysia’s charming relationship with communism, getting into trouble on the only online community I’ve ever bothered to participate in, quiz results ranging across the spectrum from rib-crackingly amusing to insultingly ludicrous, et cetera.

It’s really never a good idea to get into a discussion on politics when you don’t really know much about the matter, or worse still, when you don’t really care. Of course, you’ll only get in trouble for that if the person(s) you engaged is some sort of idealogical zealot deaf to everything but his beliefs, or a political aspirant blind to everything but whatever supports the advancement of his career. But never mind all that for now.

Recently, some local organisation (Was it the Bar Council?) held a poll asking whether the government should allow the former leader of the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya), Chin Peng, who has been hiding in Thailand ever since the Brits (With local help- I predict that if I don’t mention this some nationalist dunce would eventually come at me with a sharpened flagpole) drove them out.

Anyway, this other organisation, GAPENA, which is something like a guild of writers, poets, and the like. Oh, but only for those writing in the Malay language. One of their aims is to ‘protect the Malay language’ or something like that. I wonder why they even bother, especially when said language is already enshrined somewhere in the Constitution as the official language of the Federation. It seems they have absolutely nothing better to do- they went and filed a police report against whoever made the aforementioned poll, saying that those responsible were trying to divide the country. Mmm, I’d like the West Coast please.

Oh well, at least they’ve attracted attention to themselves. Recently the Inspector General of Police announced that blogs sympathetic to Chin Peng would be monitored- yet another organisation with nothing better to do. Well then, if GAPENA can do it, why shouldn’t I? Let’s make it formal to boot: To whomever it does not concern, I formally declare my unwavering support for the return of Chin Peng, former leader of the CPM, to Malaysia. So there. Oh jolly good, the entire Malaysian police force’s intelligence department will be reading my blog, haha.

Alright, enough laughter. Why the fuss over one old man? Everyone who’s against his return says that they’re doing this out of respect for all those who suffered during the communist insurgency. They don’t really hate communism- in fact, the government loves China (But who doesn’t these days?), and has, for the last two or three decades,  often spent some time in Cuba for tea and sugar-cane with Castro. “Why can’t these people just get on with life?” is what every young one who didn’t live through that relatively turbulent time would think. Mostly since I don’t really care, however, I can sympathise with both sides (Except the politicians, but which sensible person does, these days). So there. Whether Chin Peng comes back or not, I don’t really care, despite my earlier ‘oath’. But whatever side-effects his return brings would certainly be most entertaining.

Now on to the next issue. I’ve been a member of the online community dannychoo.com for several months now, and it’s been a nice relaxing, if at times admittedly a little annoying place to be. Through it, I’ve come across quite a few other interesting places, bumped into some interesting folks, etc. Recently, though, I’ve come across a spot of trouble- it seems that my posting rights have been revoked.

Now how did this happen? Ever since I was introduced to Masamune Shirow‘s lesser-known Galhound series, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a translation of it, since, presumably, no one else has bothered to do it, being too preoccupied with… *cough*, other aspects of the series. Even comments like ‘no one cares about the mountain of text’ failed to deter me. With the partial reduction of user privilege, however, translation work has been put hold. Despite the dry, technical nature of most of the text, I’m somewhat reluctant to post the translations on what I still consider a relatively ‘family-friendly’ site.

Here’s the story. I posted a translation of the first image in the series, and all was well. I was about in the process of posting the translation of the second image, when I was forced to plug the phone back in- despite having a splitter, it doesn’t work at all, and I have to disconnect the phone whenever I need to go online, and vice versa, of course. As (un)luck would have it, I was forced to reconnect the phone line while uploading- and later, when the post didn’t show up, I didn’t think much of it- I thought it got fouled up as a result. I reposted it, and went out to lunch.

Apparently, while I was out enjoying an overpriced lunch, everything went wrong. I arrived home to find the repost missing… what could possibly have happened this time, I wondered- and clicked on the upload button again. Only to be redirected to the most irritating page on the site. It looked as if I’d broken some sort of rule- although what rule, I had no idea. Now it’s his site, and I respect that- he can do anything he wants with it, but I just hate screwing up and not having a clue as to what ridiculous breach of conduct I committed to warrant such a reaction. I sent him a nice mail (Without cookies, though) asking where I went wrong, along with an apology… but I haven’t received a reply yet. Oh well. As I said in the mail, I’ll just meditate until then. T.T

Now for something a little less serious. I did some facebook quizzes, silly little things with silly questions to kill time. For example, “What do people think of you at first sight?” and the answer I got was “YOU ARE CUTE; People feel like they have to protect you! aww… you are not so defenceless: show them!“. So far total strangers have said that I look hot, or even nerdy, but as for cute, no- oh wait, I have been called cute before. By a hairdresser I went to once.

In another quiz I did, “What bra size would you have if you were a girl? [GUYS ONLY]“, and my result was size A. Not surprising, I thought, but I did think that Iwould have gotten something slightly… flatter. Maybe AA? Hold on, does that even exist? The quizmaker suggested “stuffing, over-eating, or popping out your back shoulders to make your chest look larger“. I suppose this applies to men as well, but no thanks.

…there were other quizzes as well, but it looks like I’ve forgotten what they were. Oh well. Moving on, the topic of blog stats, or to be more accurate, referrals. I remember getting a referral from the WordPress Dashboard, which left me stunned- where could it have been from? Top WordPress.com blogs today? Or Top posts from around WordPress.com? I was happily stuffing myself in dreamland until I realised that it was probably from one of my own commenter’s WP.com dashboard, which calmed me down enough to look at a referral from wordpress.com with a more cynical sneer on my face.

Oh, some have left me wondering, though. Like the constant referrals I get from Google Reader. The only explanation I have for that is that someone has subscribed to my site, although I have no idea who that would be. Oh well. However, I do know that someone has linked me without a word- as mentioned elsewhere, I don’t normally link to others unless I’ve stalked their site for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve stalked her site for that long, but I’ve linked back all the same, and if you’re reading this, thanks for the linkage, Coco^^;

Next up, shows I’ve watched since exams ended. First up, Chaos;Head (Review published); GTO Live-action drama, one special, and a movie; Nabari no Ou; Kemeko DX; Shinigami no Ballad; Higurashi no naku Koro ni Live-action movie; and Amatsuki. As for books, I’ve completed Un Lun Dun by China Mieville; Sandworms of Dune and The Road to Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson; Magic: The Gathering, The Shattered Alliance by Jeff Grubb. Currently in the process of reading I wouldn’t start from here by Andrew Mueller. Which I’m already turning to as I publish this post, even though it’s not all that great.



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  1. AA is larger than A…I think. I’m a girl, I should know these things but…. I can barely figure out what my own size is. Bras are absurdly hard to shop for.

    By the way, did I fail to mention your cuteness? I suppose I did. There, now someone else has said it!

    Google reader…that might be me. On my blog’s homepage I can follow all the blogs I read from different sites so I see when they update, and use that link straight to the new post.

    Did you like Nabari no Ou? I thought it was charming; interesting, excellent animation.

    I’d comment on the political stuff but…I have no idea what you’re talking about. I try to pay attention to what’s going on in the world but, at some point, with my limited knowledge of the nature of politics outside my own country (which is hard enough to keep up with, honestly), it’s just hard to comprehend. And frankly some of these Asian countries, like China and North Korea, are just so oppressively insane that they make no sense to me. They’re so paranoid about people who don’t think exactly the right way.

    • Hmm, but Yahoo! Answers says AA is smaller… oh well. They are hard to shop for, aren’t they? Went bra shopping with some girls once, and it took quite a while… I guess the main problem is that um, unlike the alphabet, not all A’s are A’s? Kinda glad I’m a guy in this respect. All I need are boxers- as long as they’re not too tight, or too big, I’m fine. If I was a girl I’d probably take forever to buy bras, as I’m incredibly fussy (It took me three years to settle on a pair of shoes) when it comes to things like these… Fussiness + natural hardships in selection = major migraine for all involved, haha.

      Aww shucks, thanks! *blushes* Might I ask why, though? As for Google Reader… ah, now I know who came through it. I’ve never bothered to use it, so I never really found out what it is. From your description, it sounds a little like some sort of RSS feed…

      Nabari no Ou? A review is in the works (still in my head at the moment, though). I found it to be a rather sweet tale of the relationship between Miharu and Yoite… the ninja world just turned into the background. It was nice, but I felt that the writers didn’t delve deep enough into that side of the story- I’d have liked to know more of the Shinrabanshou. It did feel a little slow at times, but 4/5 stars for me.

      I don’t blame others for not knowing about foreign politics- you’re right in that keeping up with home affairs is mad enough, haha. Things over here have been rather insane lately, although relatively calm (No broken bones or bloodied noses, but perhaps plenty of bruised egos). China… isn’t that bad, methinks- their major problems are press censorship and corruption, but beyond that, they’re quite a harmless bunch of big-talking businessmen, really. Although things could really go crazy if they got some madman for their next leader. As for North Korea, I’ve always been of the opinion that the US, instead of blundering around the Middle East, should have rushed in there ages ago, regardless of what China thinks. Now see what’s happened, bah=,=

  2. Haha, well then! I always thought more letters = bigger boobs but I guess not. Well, I’ve always been a pretty sorry excuse for a female,lol.

    Bras are hard to shop for because, like other clothing, a 32 C in one brand won’t fit like a 32 C in another brand. The different styles (demi, full, padded, push-up, strapless, backless, etc) fit differently as well. Unless you go to like a department store and have someone who knows what they’re doing measure you, you just sort of have to grab a bunch of them and hope you find one that fits you right. My body is not a normal female body either. I’m built way weird, so clothes in general are a pain for me to buy. I haaaaaaate shopping. I’m tall, I’m thin, but I have good sized boobs, and a butt, and some curves, with way long skinny arms and legs, sloping shoulders, narrow feet…. Nothing freakin’ fits right on me.

    Anyway, why do I think you’re cute? I don’t know? Haha um, nah I just saw the pics you’ve been posting recently and I went “awww, so handsome, and such a cute face.”

    Yeah, it’s sort of like an RSS I guess. They call it Google Friend Connect, but it connects through Google Reader, so…yeah it’s probably me. It’s a lot easier than checking each blog separately. I’ve got 6 on there, including yours and Jay’s.

    I’d probably give Nabari a 4/5 too. The relationship between the two main characters was really sweet. There’s a manga too, which probably explores much that the anime never gets around to. I really loved the opening theme and animation…and just the animation style in general; I loved the way it looked.

    • Haha, a sorry excuse for a female? Your description of yourself sounds pretty good, though. I’d have to agree with you on clothes, however, although for an entirely different reason- my own fussiness, which I won’t bother to describe (there’d be several paragraphs of the stuff). I hate shopping too, because I usually end up frustrated with men’s fashion after a mad rush around a mall poking my head into every boutique available (Although I love it when I manage to find something nice, regardless of whether I buy it or not, or just plain window-shopping). As opposed to you, almost everything fits me, but I hate most of it! *sigh* Maybe people like us should just design our own clothing. The problem is, I don’t draw all that good…

      Ahaha, cute face? It must have been the second photo in the ‘Salve‘ post, no? Most of the time I’m told that I look blur, or even scary at times, haha. I don’t get cute much… come to think of it, most guys would take being called cute as an insult to their masculinity or some other silly thing. So, sorry excuse for a female, sorry excuse for a male, haha.

      There’s a Nabari manga? I wasn’t aware of it… maybe I’ll give it a try, just for the sake of comparison. I actually thought it was imported from some game, seeing as Square Enix was involved in it in some way.

      • Square actually dabbles in quite a few things; they publish a lot of manga in Japan, including the manga for Nabari no Ou, Full Metal Alchemist and Seto no Hanayome. Though I don’t think they had anything directly to do with the production of the anime, other than as the publisher for the original story, and maybe as a producer or sponsor.

        When I say I’m a “sorry excuse for a female,” I mean in terms of femininity. I don’t fuss with my appearance much (I never wear makeup and I brush my hair maybe twice a week; typically I just pull it up into a bun or something to get it out of the way and don’t bother with brushing it out, it’s just so long!). I hate the stereotypical “girly” things like shopping, pink (or other bright colors), or romantic comedy movies (like Sarah Jessica Parker/Matthew McConaughey comedies, not Cary Grant/Katherine Hepburn comedies, which I love). But…I do appreciate cute things (like my Kilala, Ryo-Ohki, and Totoro plushies), and a good romance (like Fruits Basket). That’s what I meant. Plus, I mean, come on. I watch anime and play video games; and not just “girl” games like The Sims! :) I play real games!

        Although, my physical appearance…. Eh….. Well once when I was 10 or so, I was mistaken for a boy; that was fun. Fortunately I have boobs now, so that mistake can no longer be made!

        Anyway I am fussy with clothes too. I don’t think that what’s in “style” ever looks right on me. Plus I think a lot of it’s dumb anyway. I am most comfortable in yoga pants and a camisole, or jeans and a tank top. I can’t draw either, so no designing for me, lol.

        And I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you! I didn’t think it would.

        • Hmm, I’m kinda puzzled- which part of this comment would offend me? Oh hey wait, I found something! Sims isn’t a real game? I love that game, it’s one of my favourites! Haha, no worries, anyway:)

          Ahh, I get what you mean- I have a few friends like that too. I can’t stand SJP/MMC-esque romantic comedies either- I prefer more subdued stuff, like ‘Meet Joe Black’. The occasional silly one does slip through, though, like the Sandler flick ’50 first dates’. Can’t say much about Hepburn, though. All I know is that she’s considered to be a legend of the silver screen. Or was it TV… oh well. Hmm, would ‘Kilala’ be the firey cat from Inu Yasha?

          Oh. I figured out why you thought that you offended me. You didn’t really. I just used your line to show that we’re sorta in the same club, hence: “So, sorry excuse for a female, sorry excuse for a male, haha.” Didn’t think you’d read it that way… my bad:p

          • Oh, no, I realized I hadn’t offended you. I was saying that I was glad I hadn’t. Because the thought that it MIGHT hadn’t actually crossed my mind. Though to me, it didn’t seem you’d be the kind of person to be bothered by the comment, so I was glad I was right.

            Anyway, I like The Sims, too, lol. I love building houses and designing these crazy themes for them based on the personalities of my Sims. I hardly play the game itself, to be honest. I just like to build and stuff.

            Katherine Hepburn was a movie star, yes. She also did some theatre (well, she got her start there). She did a couple of adorable romantic comedies with Cary Grant (Bringing Up Baby; The Philadelphia Story; Holiday), and some equally adorable but rather more intelligent comedies with Spencer Tracy (Woman of the Year; Adam’s Rib; Pat and Mike); plus, you know, loads more. Anyway, she’s fabulous.
            And yes, Kilala is the fox demon thing from Inu Yasha, Ryo-Ohki is the cabbit from Tenchi Muyo, and Totoro is…Totoro, lol.

            • Yes, yes! I loved building and decorating. My first few minutes of each time I started up the game consisted mainly of typing in near-endless strings of ‘rosebud;rosebud’, haha. Being a ‘Matchmaker of the Odd’ was fun too- I remember once making a Gundam fall in love with Legolas^^; Totoro is… Totoro, haha. I imagine that that would be a suitable description of it… I don’t think anyone knows what it is, really. The closest I can think of is obese Tanuki (raccoon):3

    • @Kris-chan & @A20-man: Awww, your conversation is so cute, lol. Actually, from my blogospheric travels, I don’t think Kris-chan has too much to worry about. Of course, I’ll have to confirm with her if it’s actually her, lol. ^_~

      • O.o So you ARE stalking me!

        • @Kris-chan (and @Jenn-chan): Haha, nahhh… Want the link to Jenn-chan’s old gothloli pics? LOL! Actually, since Mimi-chan and the attacks on her identity, I think I feel a little protective of my Toyboxers. So if I stumble across someplace that should be hidden, I’ll let u know about it. Because if I can get to it, a real stalker could too. Makes sense?

  3. @A20-man: Sorry, man! Keeping up with the multi-dozens of posts and comments in my Google Reader is like running up a sand dune! At a 45-degree angle! Okay, down to 70 items, finally caught up on your “Salve” and “Screaming” posts… Gotta applaud your rebellious “James Dean” photos, lol. But I’m even more intrigued by your scandalous “Galhound” scanlations. Where are they? Why deleted?

    P.S. Here’s a classic Kris-chan compliment: “You’re pleasant to look at! That shiny chrome of yours fits you very well, I think.” LOL, thanx. I think! ^o^;

    • No biggie~ I’m sure we all appreciate it, but you don’t have to break your back to comment on every single post, you know:)
      Ahh, so you’re the other Google Reader culprit. Good, good. The G-readers are all fessin’ up, haha.

      ‘James Dean’ photos? I don’t see anything particularly rebellious or ‘Deanish’, but as mentioned before, I know next to nothing about him, so no comment, haha. As for the Galhound translation, the project’s been put on hold after I got my DC.com posting rights revoked. I suspect that pages 2-3 of the first Galhound chapter violated the ‘wide open’ rule. No word from the boss-man yet, though. Oh, only the translation for said pages got deleted. The first one is still there.

      I’ve always posted translations on DC.com (here’s an example of one series I took up)… If I never get my posting rights back, however, which would be pretty sad, I might just use a free host for posting translation works as well as being a test bed for a new blog. Two birds with one stone, hehe. Although I won’t be able to retrieve the stone…

      Thanks for the ‘classic Kris-chan’ compliment, haha! Although I’m can’t help but wonder why you’re using it? And umm, my shiny chrome? The internet browser? I’m afraid you’ve lost me there, haha^^;

      • @A20-man: Bahhh, the link’s having trouble loading up from DC. Oh well, I’ll try again later. Or maybe u have a better link?… LOL, so what’s wrong with using Kris-chan’s comment? Ah, “chrome” is apparently her short-hand for my “chrome dome” or “cue ball” head. ^_^

        • Ahh, so that’s what you meant. I just couldn’t figure out how ‘chrome’ could apply to me^^;
          As for the link, I dunno. It worked fine for me, although it was a tad slow… I suppose you could always do a search on DC, using the words ‘Awatake’, or ‘Tropical Girl’, or just find it under my profile.

      • No, he means that’s a compliment I gave to HIM. He’s giving you an example of the type of compliments I tend to give out, lol.

  4. Wow, you’ve watched a lot of stuff. I want exams to be over too. T_T Time to study..

    I thought AA was smaller than A, but we don’t even see double-digits in stores here, so. XD (And double D is bigger than D, isn’t it?) I have no idea about bra size either…seems different depending on which calculator I used. And the only time someone measured for me, I got some really weird combi they don’t make bras for. Zoong. Not to mention different bras have different cuts, so generally the best thing is to actually try it on to see if it fits.. Oo, that’s exactly what Kris said! Yay. :)

    Hmm when I saw pics I was like, ‘Hey, you look like Imman!’ (A good friend of mine who’s currently in M’sia too) But then I saw a few more and not quite… ._. Hard to gauge without seeing in person, though, but ‘cute’ is a good generic word. :) (And that pic with a few girls makes you look like a pimp!! XD)

    At this point, I’ll reply to Kris even if you mightn’t see it… oh man. That probably means I’m a sorry excuse for a female too. XD Niisama went for a meeting at uni for a project today, and I tagged along since I had to return a book, and one of his teammates was all made up. And I was thinking…huh..maybe I should wear makeup more. But then I always get too lazy. :( And is it me, or do guys never seem to notice anyway?! (Eyeliner doesn’t work on me so that’s out — foundation/blush is all pretty subtle) And heh at the brushing hair. I don’t brush cos it frizzes. (finger comb zoong) And I had a cup of sticks to put my hair into buns with…but nowadays I’m so lazy I just knot it in a bun. XD I do enjoy romcoms tho. ^^ Drew Barrymore~ And shoujo, of course!

    What are real games? ._. STARCRAFT?! XD

    • lol, go back to your books! There’s a double D? It certainly makes one wonder why they didn’t just make it E. And DD is bigger than D while AA is smaller than A (So Wiki tells me)… I suppose the sizes were named by men too lazy to think. Why not more creative names, like say, fruits, or Greek goddesses… hmm, on second thought, that might just make it worse for those with a (crudely named, but never mind) boob-size complex=,=

      Ahaha, there was one other guy in those pics though. Was he a client, or my bouncer? Hmm, I look like a friend of yours? Interesting. One friend of mine believes that I look a lot like Hirai Ken. Another friend laughed when I told her that, though. I guess it depends on who’s looking as well, perhaps:) I wonder… does this friend of yours look like Hirai Ken too?

      Nope, guys don’t normally notice makeup unless it’s pretty obvious, like eyeshadow. We don’t normally recognise changes to the hair too- unless the cut is radically different from the previous one. Although I did manage the (nigh impossible for most men) feat once, noticing that a friend changed her fringe… Finger comb too! But only because I couldn’t find my comb:p

    • Haha! Um, well I just don’t like makeup really. It’s such a hassle. You have to find the right colors, and then putting it on…. Ug…. I don’t even really know how to put it on right. And when I do, you can barely even tell (which I think is best anyway). When I have to do stage makeup, I’m completely grossed out by how much you have to cake your face with. I would keep getting told “No, no put on more.” And I’d be like “Ehhhh? I’ve been doing this for 10 minutes already!” You have to put on a LOT or you get washed out by the lights. And it’s not normal makeup, it’s this thick, cakey stuff. I own makeup, but because I wear it almost never, it gets old, and you really shouldn’t wear old makeup (because of bacteria or something). So I just stopped buying it. My fiancee doesn’t mind that I don’t wear any (he prefers it, really), but also says that he’d like it if I dressed up once in a while and wore some. So contradictory!

      My little sister wears thick eyeliner and I make fun of her. I told her she looked like a racoon, lol. I’m horrid.

      I tend to twist my hair up into a bun, and wrap it with a scrunchii (or whatever they’re called), because that’s the easiest. It’s probably like that 80% of the time. Mine’s long and straight, so it doesn’t really frizz, it just tangles easily.

      Real games, lol. I have no idea. Portal, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Bioshock, stuff like that I guess. Meaning not “casual” games, which is the category a game like The Sims gets lumped into, even though everybody plays it.

      • The only ‘makeup’ I’ve ever used would be lip balm, haha. Once I put it on too thick, and a friend told me to wipe it off as it looked like lipstick. Strawberry flavoured too, haha. I find it quite amusing that my sister likes makeup. She paints her nails purple… I always ask her why she bothers as she doesn’t go anywhere, plus she’s home-schooled. So nobody sees it but herself^^; I suppose most girls would wish for a makeup artist to come along with the makeup itself, but then again I also want a driver, a butleress, a personal maglev to Japan, blablabla…

        Hahaha, raccoon? Still nicer than all the names my sister and I exchange… most of the time I call her a greedy little monster, things like that. The squabbling is endless… Hmm, scrunchii? First time hearing of it. Something like these, I suppose? I’m too lazy to bother much about my hair. Normally when I go to the hairdressers I just tell them to ‘keep it short, but not too short’. When it gets long, though, getting up and looking at the mirror in the morning can be quite fun… I move around a lot when I sleep, and the ‘fresh out of bed’ hairdos are quite interesting^^;

        Real games, eh. I guess games like FF and Zelda do need a certain degree of commitment, unlike the Sims, haha. I wonder where games like Solitaire or Minesweeper would fit in, though…

  5. Okay, now I have the urge to both click on reply on Kris’s reply, as well as on A20-man’s (ahaha Jay-san XD) reply…so I’ll just do what I usually do on Jay-san’s blog. XD

    @aprilius20: Hmm. Guys probably have more of a boob size complex, though maybe cos I’m kinda average, I’ve never minded. :P Hirai Ken?! What the. XD I have no idea. -googles- Wow, not bad-looking. (He’s 37?!) Hmm I suppose you do look kinda like him! :) Guys can get away with finger combing…it’s not all too good when you have waist-length hair like I do, though. -wry- But I really dislike frizzing hair, so I rarely actually brush it. :(

    Some guys also have naturally-red lips, which makes me envious. -wry- Well the politically-correct reason is to say girls dress up/wear makeup for themselves. It’s probably true in this case. :) And yes! I wish I had a makeup artist~~ XD You want a butleress?! ._.

    I call my brother a cute little boy, but maybe that’s cos he’s a 9-year-old shota…:) Still at the cute age, ahaha. And niisama gets funny hair in the mornings sometimes too! ^^ Stands up~

    If you’re a dedicated player of Solitaire/Minesweeper, I think that would fit into the ‘hardcore’ category. XD

    @Kris: Heh I don’t mind the novelty of makeup, but honestly, when I wake up at 8am, the last thing I wanna do is poke my eye with a mascara wand. ._. And I could do eyeshadow, but it seems a bit…I dunno, excessive for daily wear. XD Completely agree about the barely tell bit. -wry- Hmm never quite thought about that for stage makeup…and generally I’m too far from the stage to see. XD But I can imagine how. Do the lights get hot, too? Sometimes performers seem to sweat buckets. ._.

    And haha, niisama says he prefers none as well. (I guess powder isn’t something you really want to be kissing..XD) We probably haven’t been together long enough for him to say that he’d like it if I dressed up once in a while, though. But he does seem stunned when I occasionally dress up in (mild) goth loli. Ah, the joys of an otaku boyfriend. XD

    -laughs- Oh dear, but some people do look like a racoon with lots of eyeliner. I always feel bad taking it off, cos the whole cotton wool gets black. Not to mention I haven’t gotten the hang of not smudging it during the day.. So lucky! I’d love to have long straight hair. But then sometimes my hair is nice!wavy instead of wtfisthis!wavy and I can’t decide. -wry-

    Final Fantasy! I’ve only played 8 to X2, and 8’s the only one I’ve finished. ._. Oo wanted to try Portal too..but lazy. And The Sims is a casual game? Hmm maybe cos everyone plays it and it’s mainstream. Only Sim I’ve played is SimCity…(I don’t think that’s counted, ehehe..)

    • @aprilius:


      If you’re not using a scrunchie (or scrunchii, I think is a brand) then you’re usually just using a coated/covered rubber band or somethig. A scrunchie is an elastic piece of cloth, basically. I have to replace mine all the time because I stretch them out by wrapping them around hair buns.

      Solitaire and Minesweeper would be considered “casual” games. It’s kind of a silly term, but it’s been created and used a lot lately because of a “casual game” boom. With the Wii and DS there’s been a larger focus to make games for people who aren’t “gamers.” Which is also kind of a silly term. But gamers like to divide people into gamers and casual gamers. Gamers play everything from Final Fantasy to Fire Emblem, World of Warcraft to Starcraft, Silent Hill to Fatal Frame, Ico to Okami, Prince of Persia to Assassin’s Creed, Guitar Hero to Elite Beat Agents, etc. Casual gamers play stuff like Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader, The Sims, Wii Fit, Petz, stuff like that. I have a third group that I call the “frat boy gamer,” and all they play is games like Halo, Gears of War, and Guitar Hero. That’s what I meant.

      My hair goes down to the top of my butt. I want to trim it because I haven’t cut in in several years and the ends are a mess. But I just keep putting it off. It’s staight and thin (sometimes it has a natural wave in it too), but there’s a LOT of it. I finger comb it sometimes too, but when I do, a lot of it comes out, lol. I shed like a cat.
      Yeah theatre makeup is a bit different than normal makeup. It’s designed to be thick and lasting (so you don’t sweat it off or something). The makeup is excessive (and often exagerrated) because you really will just get washed out under the lights and no one will be able to see your face. It does get really HOT under those lights. There is definite heat coming off those things.
      Let’s see….Final Fantasy. I’ve played 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 10-2, and 12. Portal is really fantastic, and it’s not very long; you should stop being lazy and get on with that. :) GLaDOS is the best.

    • @Jenn-chan: Awww. Actually, u do look quite adorable in gothloli garb. Though perhaps too emo? ^_~

    • @Jenn: Hmm, I suppose you’re right about guys in that respect, although it works a little differently, I think: A complex regarding female boobs, as opposed to theirs. Then again I’m pretty sure there are some guys out there who check themselves for breast cancer every day…

      Haha, score 2-1 for those who say I look like Hirai Ken now, then. Waist-length hair… that’s pretty long. Speaking of hair, I know one guy in my class with long hair- it reaches, I think, halfway down his back. A few of the girls are envious of how smooth and dark it is, haha:)

      Naturally red lips, huh. Mine are pretty dark, but the lower lip is slightly larger… I often joke that I have half of Jolie’s lip:p Yup, a butleress- a governess would be too stuffy, and I don’t want a guy near me 24/7, but I’d rather not have the stereotypical maid, so… a butleress. Um, something like Inuzuka Yayoi from ‘Kurenai’, I suppose.

      Kissing a powdery face… never thought of that. It sounds a little disgusting, though. I can imagine having to stop the cameras just to wipe the transferred powder off, haha. Oh wait, you aren’t talking about the movies:3

      Haha, nice!wavy and wtfisthis!wavy? Nice naming, although I don’t think it’ll get into any popular hairdo mags:) I’ve always entertained thoughts of having long hair, perhaps like Himura Kenshin (Or Yayoi in the above link)…

      @Both: FF? Actually, I prefer the older games. I think I played 2,3,4,6, and X. Never did finish X though^^; Then again, I also prefer the black and white pokemon games… oh well. Porrrrtal… I’ve heard of it before. Kinda reminded me of some sort of Half-Life lookalike, with a female lead.

      @Kris: Ooh, so that’s a scrunchie. I know them as ‘that soft colourful elastic thingy used to tie hair but also doubles as a wristband’, haha.

      Casual gaming, huh. Yeah, I remember some Nintendo bigshot saying something like that. I guess he should probably have gone with ‘games that you can pick up, forget about for the next few months, and pick up again after that’ as opposed to ‘games that you sit still and play till it’s done’.

      Hmm, I dunno… gamers play solitaire and minesweeper, right? I feel safer classifying gamers by those who are passionate about the game, or just doing it to kill time, like someone playing snake while waiting for a bus. I can understand the ‘game-groupie’ bit, though… I know people who just have a gathering and play nothing but one game for hours on end:s

      • Um, yeah, I’d say it’s better to classify gamers as their passion for gaming. But they still sort of fall into the same groups. And I don’t mean to say that “gamers” don’t play games like minesweeper or bejeweled; but those are still considered “casual” games. Basically anything that your grannie could pick up and play, I guess, lol. Anyway, like I said, it’s a silly classification. But every core gamer lets out a groan when someone says “the fastest growing category of games is casual games” and then precedes to talk about Imagine Babies and Petz Horsies.

        By the way, I would like this butler right here, thank you very much:

        • Yeah, it’s a little irritating to hear of games like those. Who plays such games, besides the stereotypical little girl (Well, maybe boys too, sometimes) in a pink dress who wants a pony for her birthday? Haha, I get what you’re saying, but tell that to the fanatics who survive on games like those. Classification is quite difficult, especially when everyone has their own definition of what a game is. I hate to admit it, but ‘Imagine Babies’ is still a game, although not one I’d play, hehe^^;

          Ah, Kuroshitsuji? I’m afraid I’m not in the business of providing ‘butlerial’ services, haha. Sebastian does look rather like Yayoi, come to think of it.

  6. @Kris: “I have to replace mine all the time because I stretch them out by wrapping them around hair buns. ” Yarh! That’s why I stopped using them ehehe.

    My hair’s to the small of my back at the moment, yay for long hair! The last time I hacked it myself I ‘layered’ (inverted commas for non-pro work XD) it so the shortest ones are just shoulder-length..and lol, I shed too. T_T It always makes me sad to find hair on my bed and stuff! I pile them up in a corner then throw it away. ._.

    The cake is a lie! That’s all I know about Portal, hehe.

    @Jay-san: ._. How do you know?!
    That one goth loli picnic I did doesn’t count. It wasn’t proper costume, and I looked disastrous, so if that’s what you saw…uughhhhhhh.

    @Aprilius20: Wow! I’d be envious too! Zomg. Is he super vain, or is it natural? :P Oh, I remember Yayoi. I think. Looks cool.

    I think in movies people just eat the powder. :P

    @moar: Ehehe Sebastian~ He’s cooler! Plus he has a shota. Ugh, the Imagine series. I see them in the store and I’m like, ‘…Does anyone even buy these things? -_-‘

    • I guess he takes good care of it, but yeah, I think it’s natural. If he used extensions I don’t think the girls would have bothered in the first place, haha.

  7. @aprilius:
    If you can’t find me a hot demon butler to cater to my every whim, what good are you? ^_^

    If you know “the cake is a lie” then you know one of the biggest and most overused memes in existence, so good for you! :) It’s actually quite hilarious in the game. Because during the entire thing, this computer named GLaDOS is promising you a delicious, moist cake once you finish all the training scenarios. But when you get to the end, well…there’s certainly something “special” waiting for you, but it’s not cake. And if you wander around enough, your predecessors were kind enough to warn you of this lie, writing it on the walls in their own blood.
    Sebastian was WAY cool. He is seriously an awesome character. I really enjoyed the series too, except when it went all crazy with angels and things; that was way bizarre (and doesn’t exist at all in the manga, at least not so far).

    Well, clearly ~someone~ is playing them. Ubisoft claims it’s a very profitable series. They keep making them and they keep making different kinds, so clearly they’re making money. I guess teenage girls (and probably their moms) love those things. And if you have a bunch of tween girl players, and those are the ONLY kind of games they play, well…. I wouldn’t touch them, but maybe they are actually well made pieces of fluff?

    • Hmph, I suppose I have no choice but to offer myself instead then- two out of three (failed on demon) is good enough, no? I’m not willing to dabble in the occult just for this:)

      Yeah, I suppose someone does. Otherwise they’d have gone bust ages ago, haha. It’s exploitation of parents pockets and their children’s naivety! If by any chance I ever get around to spawning some offspring I’d probably give them something like Sid Meier’s Civilization, haha.

  8. @aprilius20: Lol! When I said natural I meant whether it was natural…i.e. he doesn’t take extra special care of it. Niisama has naturally-soft hair — it’s even softer than my nine-year-old brother’s! Some guys have all the luck~

    @Kris: Haha, yeah, around the time the game came out/was popular people were talking about it EVERYWHERE. Yet another useless bit of internet trivia…I wonder what memes there’ll be thirty years down the line. XD Angels?! There were angels in Kuroshitsuji? ._. Looks like I need to watch it…I’ve been behind (well, okay, stopped) on my anime-watching lately, partly cos of blasted uni. :( Sigh.

    Ughhh. Then again maybe it’s something that doesn’t make sense. Like Runescape. Or why people get addicted to cough mixture and/or antidiarrheal meds…they just don’t know better. -sighs-

    • @Jenn:
      Well, Portal IS an excellent game. I had a lot of fun playing it. The puzzles are good, but what really makes the game is the writing. I say writing…it’s just GLaDOS mouthing off the entire game. But it’s hilarious. It really makes the game feel alive. If there wasn’t a GLaDOS, the game wouldn’t be near as good, to be honest; she makes the game what it is.
      Memes are so…. I dunno. We were at an anime con a couple weeks ago, and we went to eat lunch at a food court. Some guys in line started singing “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Me and my friends Dan and Dave started rolling our eyes and laughed a little (more for its absurdity than because it was funny), but Dan’s poor girlfriend just looked confused. Dan had to explain to her what a Rickroll was. It was mildly funny but…the culture is just kind of…I don’t know. They take it too seriously.
      Have you seen any of Kuroshitsuji? I say there are angels but…. Well there’s AN angel. And she/he/it kind of goes insane. The storyline (or even the characters involved) isn’t in the manga at all (and there’s been no indication that it will be later, so far). It’s kind of weird really, and doesn’t make much sense. But if you can just get yourself to go “OK, whatever, I’ll buy it,” you can enjoy everything else, because it really is a good show. The voice over work for Sebastian and Ciel (the wonderful Daisuke Ono and Maaya Sakamoto, respectively) is some of the best I’ve heard.
      Um wow…actually I JUST read a new article saying it got another season. But…uh….that doesn’t make any sense. The show ended in such a way that that’s kind of…impossible. So I want to be excited for more Kuroshitsuji but…I wonder how they will handle this.

  9. Dang! That Bra size test really tempted me but then i realized that i have to be a member of Facebook meh…

    Im one of those dudes using the Google Reader.Yep, im guilty of subscribing to your post.

    There seems to be quite some trouble with DC and its users in the late months.I wonder how this comes…Is it due to the fact that the community has grown alot recently or that Danny has simply become stricter.I hope youll get an answer soon since its a real shame when you have no Idea what youve done wrong!

    • Hmm, anti facebook? It’s OK, since most of the questions were silly anyway… ah, another confession^^;;

      Yup, I’ve seen quite a few new users there… hope I get an answer soon:)

  10. Oh! My super ninja linking skills have been discovered! :0 No problem lol. And thanks for the link back. :P

    I hope you get a reply from Danny soon. According to his about page he gets 1000s of mails per day so hopefully he doesn’t miss it. @_@ Did you contact him through facebook or email?

    Speaking of facebook, I wonder why that quiz maker didn’t suggest using a wonderbra xD You don’t gain weight that way.

    • Haha, yeah, I saw that post. His gmail account is scaaary^^; I sent him an email, but no reply as of yet.
      As for the quiz… I suppose it was made by a guy with limited knowledge on the subject=)

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