Dreams of Lost Shoes

June 30, 2009 at 5:09 pm | Posted in Dreams | 7 Comments
Image is of no relevance to the content. Except maybe the shoes...

Image is of no relevance to the content. Except maybe the shoes...

Haven’t posted anything on my dreams for some time, so here goes. Have fun exploring my subconscious, and try not to trip over the pickled sharks. As for the migration to a free/paid host, I’ll try asking some friends. Maybe the know-it-all techies can help, but if they can’t… oh well:

First up, one dating back to the 21st of January, this year. According to my physical ink and paper diary, I slept in the previous day, and as a result had too many things floating in my head that I couldn’t remember upon awakening. I did remember this bit, though.

I was in back in school, or college, or more likely, an amalgamation of both, although I had no idea what I was doing there. Something about me losing my shoes, which I found in the large hall used for badminton games. Someone had damaged them, and that put me in a foul mood. A friend of mine was there, trying to calm me down. I stormed out of the hall… and saw a girl, standing a few meters away, with some other guys. Our eyes met for an instant. I turned away and walked off, without a word.

I woke up and thought about her. I’ve only told a few friends about my onetime ‘feelings’ for her, but I suppose it’ll be fine to leak everything out now. Upon leaving the protection of school for the bigger pond outside- she was feeling a little lonesome at the time- I think she was ostracized by her classmates, to a certain extent. I told her not to worry, for ‘we’ (Me and my mates) would visit now and then.

Back in school, I’d only told two friends how I ‘felt’ for her. Just a short while after that, I found out something which changed everything- that she’d transferred to my school just to chase after another guy. Something in me just snapped, and I gave up. Naturally, I didn’t visit much. And when I did go, I didn’t bother to look for her.

I wonder why this popped up in a dream. Leftover regrets for not going after her? I don’t think so. Guilt over not visiting, when I said I would? Perhaps. Oh well, here’s a more fanciful one to freshen things up a bit, dating from the 31st of January.

Again, for some strange reason, I’d lost my shoes. In a shopping mall, of all places. I wandered around looking for them with a friend, who’d lost his as well. The next thing I knew, some evil being had infiltrated the defences of a medieval castle, and I just happened to live there. As its princess. Don’t ask why. Oh, and my ‘father’ looked like Beast from the old Disney movie. And no, I did not look like Belle, although I don’t think I had a mirror on hand to verify that point.

The last thing I remembered from this dream was three villains with rubber heads in the likeness of Malaysia’s fourth, fifth, and sixth prime ministers persecuting some innocent villagers, after which I woke up. Which was rather sad, come to think of it- whatever happened after that should have been quite a sight.



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  1. I once had a dream that my home town was being attacked by marshmallow aliens or something….

    Yours seem pretty normal in comparison. :)

    • I suppose the sentence I used was a little overdramatic, haha. There have been weirder dreams, though.
      As for your marshmallow invasion dream- don’t tell me you read “war of the worlds” before heading to bed. While munching on marshmallows, haha. Never did like them, though- too sweet.

  2. @A20-man: Ahhh, I thought the girl was subconsciously fabricated, and not based in reality. Hmm, but the “triangle” of you for her, then her for someone else, sounds like the plot of “School Rumble”, lol. Don’t mention this title to Kris-chan, she’s smack you. Unless you feel masochistic, haha. But drawing on my minor in Psychology (well, more like Organizational Psych), the “losing your shoes” motif is intriguing. As if you’ve been “losing your footing” or “losing your foothold” on something familiar or memorable. As for the “three villians” or “three headed beast”, this reminds me of Cerberus (in Greek mythology), the three-headed dog which guarded the Gates of Hades…

    So in a nutshell, are you losing your footing on your path to hell? ^_~

    • No, she’s quite real, haha. School Rumble? I love that show. Kris-chan hates it? Maybe I will try and mention it near her someday, haha. Which reminds me, I never did do a review on the show…

      Interesting theory on the lost shoes- I wouldn’t have thought of it that way. Losing my footing on my path to hell? I suppose that would depend on how I felt (In real life) at the time, which I can’t recall. Cerberus? Hehe, I remember that guy. However, I think the inspiration for that scene must have come from one scene in the GTO manga.

  3. It’s true, I didn’t like it. :)


    And I think I was being nice in that review.

    • @Kris-chan: Ahh, the memories, lol. I still think the English dub might’ve ruined your experience. In any case, I won’t warn you if a live-action version pops up!

    • Saved me the trouble of searching for it, hehe. Will get to it once I get rid of this horrible headache=,=
      Just to further provoke you (Probably won’t anyway, but what the heck), I LOVE THAT SHOW! Oww…

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