DaiCon ’09: Not so ‘Dai'(大) after all

July 12, 2009 at 5:07 pm | Posted in Outings | 25 Comments
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Figures on Display

Um, well. Here’s a convention report. This is probably the first time I’m doing this. For some reason all the photos turned out a little blurry, and I’m still a little mad about it. The main highlight of the event was a concert by Chihara Minori (茅原実里), a seiyuu most famous for her role as ‘Keanu-Reeves-is-a-baby-next-to-me-Nagato-Yuki‘. No, I didn’t go for it, because the tickets cost a bomb, and I’m rather low on gunpowder at the moment.

So what did I do really? Rather, ask what I hoped I’d be able to do, the answer being: walk in, and exit with a crate of cheap Japanese manga. After all the local conventions I’ve attended, I really should have expected this- there was just one stall selling local doujin. Not interested, sorrriee~ Other countries seem to have it better. Coco, from uh, Canada, I think- managed to get some Japanese manga. Singapore will be having it’s ‘Anime Festival Asia’ soon, which, from what I gather, is a pretty big event….  those lucky Southerners(>,<)

We (I went with two high school pals) were greeted with a booklet containing the usual dull speeches, an event schedule, rules, etc… and a small box, which I thought was some sort of mint. Yay, something to munch on. Feeling the need to bite on something a while after that, I fished it out of my bag and found out that it was really toothpaste. Like, whaaaat?

The exhibition hall looked rather… empty. We made one round and headed for the maid cafe. Question: what is the purpose of a maid cafe? Answer: It’s for guys to flirt with maids, and be called goshujinsama (Master) upon entering. The other two were hungry and just made a beeline for a table. As for me, I was feeling rather glum after surveying the stalls.

To Heart

To Heart

Made a heart out of a serviette for no entire reason. On second thought, maybe it was to perplex the maid-waitresses. I had an ‘American breakfast’ and coffee. The ‘Am. breakfast’ consisted of scrambled egg, two cheap sausages, two slices of toast, potatoe wedges, and this strange, hard, chewy, oily thing- I should have taken a picture of it. Oh well, too late for that now. The coffee was nice, but coffee is almost always nice anyway. The only people who make bad coffee are those who hate coffee- so says my supreme wisdom, which is currently distorted by hunger. Hey, it was a long drive=,=

More wandering after that. The KKnM stall was supposed to be good, and apparently it had a long, long, line on day one (Yesterday)- they seemed to be doing quite well today too. We had a peek at it- mugs were priced at RM40, T-shirts at around RM100 a piece- maybe I should upload an audio recording of me screaming in ultrasound (Which you can’t hear anyway)- we ran off.



A group of cosplayers posing for the cameras. A curse on the blurriness  which fouled all of today’s photos. Grrr. We got bored, and decided to leave- stopped by at some outdoor food stalls. Disappointment and boredom suddenly decided to have tea and left irritation behind- I decided that I didn’t drive all the way there just for lunch, and we turned back towards the hall to take photos with some of the cosplayers.

Back in the hall, we spotted a stormtrooper surrounded by puny backwater planet peons. I think it must have been Wise Freeman from dannychoo.com. Decided that I’d go and say hi after completing my mission, but when I was done the trooper was nowhere to be seen. We scoured the hall looking for him, but he’d vanished. T.T

Pink Cosplayer

Diced Bunny

I suppose I should have struck a similar pose… but I was probably too busy thinking ‘crap my bag’s gonna get in the way’- it’s happened too many times in the past, but this seems to be one mistake that I never learn from. Good thing it didn’t pull down my shirt this time.

Diced Bunny 2

Diced Bunny 2

Geoff’s turn. He looks similarly stoned- maybe he’s thinking ‘My girlfriend is gonna kill me if she sees this photo- damage control, damage control… don’t pose. Yeah, that’s it, don’t pose…’

Miko and Curls

Miko and Curls

I admit, I have no idea who they were cosplaying as. No matter, though- someone is bound to answer this for me. So to end this- DaiCon wasn’t that ‘Dai’ (Big) at all, as mentioned in the title. But then again that could have been because it was Day 2. Nah, that’s no excuse. In any case there wasn’t any Japanese manga. My photos all ended up blurry, which is really my camera’s problem. Dreaming Artemis has plenty more for you to gawk at. Come to think of it, I really wouldn’t mind if there was only one stall and all they sold was cheap Japanese manga. Oh, why do I even bother. If only BookOff would open an outlet here…

P.S: Apparently something interesting happened a few hours after we left. No, I’m not commenting on it. Hungry (Again) people have no opinions.



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    They did a really good job actually; thanks for posting that one. :)

    At our cons, there are usually several stalls with multiple large boxes stuffed with (American released) manga. All for 1-2 dollars off retail price (so, like, 10% off basically). I completed Saikano that way (it’s such a pain to find in stores). Really, they had sooo much, you could find almost anything. So it’s a shame the one you went to was woefully lacking in that area. Because you seriously need Fruits Basket. :)

    Oh, in the bottom photo, the girl in the shrine maiden costume is one of the twins from Lucky Star, I think. Maybe. The other one, I have no idea.

    • Ahaha, the group shot, no? I didn’t realize it until you told me.
      That’s nice- makes me wonder why the local publishers didn’t open up a stall. I guess they feel that they already have a stranglehold on the market, and as such don’t need to go there. Sad, really. It looks like my only chance to get cheap manga is to go to BookOff in Japan, or the Kinokuniya Christmas Eve sale. Haha, Fruits Basket. Maybe I’ll read it online first:)

      Oh, come to think of it, that might be Kagami. I guess I just didn’t make the connection due to her height^^;

      • Yup! Undertaker, Madame Red, Ciel, Sebastian, Maylene, and Elizabeth. Their costumes are excellent!
        And speaking of Kuroshitsuji, I just got the best news I’ve had in a while. Yen Press in the states has licensed it and will start publishing it in their magazine, which hopefully will lead to published volumes, which means I’ll get to buy it! So hooray!

        By the way, are there no good online retailers that will ship to your area?

        • Good to hear, but I suppose that will take some time (for the volumes to come out). Never heard of Yen Press though.
          Online retailers, online retailers… I’m sure there’s quite a few, Amazon being on the top of the heap. I don’t buy stuff like figures, only books, which is a major problem in this country because Customs screens every printed material that comes in through cargo. I ordered a manga through Kinokuniya, and it came out with marker pen marks on several pages. Books are to risky to order. They even banned a Spongebob book once- caused quite a stir when the press found out:3

  2. Well, for some perspective, or just FYI.

    The two biggest manga publishers in the United States are Viz Media and Tokyopop. But we also have CMX (DC Comics manga line), Dark Horse Comics, Digital Manga Publishing, Del Rey, Yen Press, Seven Seas Entertainment, ADV Manga, and some others smaller (or independent) publishers. Yen Press and Digital Manga publish a lot of Korean manhwa and yaoi books (you know, stuff bigger publishers like Viz and Tokyopop would never touch), but they also have many lower profile titles like Kuroshitsuji, Spice and Wolf (manga and novels), and Harushi Suzumiya (manga and novels). And by “low profile” I mean they aren’t Fruits Basket, Naruto or Bleach, which are the top titles here.

    I’m very sorry to hear about your shipment problems. That’s very unfortunate. Every once in a while some postal employee here will decide a package is suspicious in some way, and will open it to find hentai manga with possible underage girls, which they then report, and some poor guy ends up in jail. Actually, I don’t know what was in it, but he was charged on “obscenity” charges, not child pornography.
    But I can’t imagine they banned a Spongebob book; do you remember why?

    • Yup, I know a few of those. Bought a few from Tokyopop and Viz before I learned Jap. ‘Stuff the bigger publishers would never touch’? Haha, I thought that that used to be the job of Dark Horse.

      I think I went a little off tangent with Spongebob. They didn’t ban it- it’s just that the customs dept. down south seems to have been given too much power. Spongebob was airing no TV, and it was in major bookstores everywhere. This article gives a much clearer picture of what happened (Too lazy to explain)…. maybe because Mr. Crab doesn’t wear pants- same reason Finland gave for banning Donald Duck years ago. Unlike the Finns, these guys don’t give reasons:/

      • Heh, well, what I mean is I’ve never seen any of the high profile publishers publish yaoi (not anything pornographic anyway, which…limits quite a bit, lol).
        Dark Horse has some manhwa actually (like Bride of the Water God, which I love), they did Trigun and they’re also doing Vampire Hunter D, and the Blood + books. So they’ve got some fancy titles there.

        • Hehe, too high and mighty to touch the ‘darker’ side of the industry, I suppose. Then again, it’s just as well that they don’t/won’t touch it… if they did they’d probably end up controlling the whole market. Ah, Vamp Hunter D? There’s one series with excellent artwork. We don’t have that many publishers here. I think the largest one here is one publishing house called Tora Aman, which does the Doraemon comics. They got Ranma1/2 too, but butchered it, if you know what I mean^^;

  3. Aww, there wasn’t even Japanese manga there? We actually only had one(?) stall selling doujin. 2 boxes of general all-ages stuff, and probably about 14 adult only boxes. xD (Btw, I’m actually from the US :P)

    That Dice Bunny (Rabien Rose I believe) cosplay is really cute! The costume looks well made too!

    • Nope, not even one. That kinda ruined it for me… maybe I should petition them for one such stall next year:p
      Oops, that so? I guess I kinda lumped you into the same country as Lightningsabre and Chun without realizing it^^;;
      Rabien Rose, Rabien Rose… never heard of her, but Diced Bunny works for me(:

  4. @A20-man: Hahaha, yeah, that’s Kagami in the last photo. But Coco-chan from Canada? I got the distinct impression she was from Californica (spelling intended, lol). As for the “pose versus don’t pose” dilemma, someone’s gonna kick himself when girlfriend-boyfriend break up, lol. Why so serious? Gotta pose, man! It’s understood!

    • Shh, shh… not the ‘B’ word, haha! We’re first timers, actually- I’ve attended these sort of events before, but this was my first time going with a camera. I’m single, so no regrets either way^^;

      I don’t know if he would have followed me into the maid cafe if his girlfriend came along, though…

      • @A20-man: Ahh, I see. No worries. In his case, I guess she controls the relationship after all, lol.

        • Whatever happened to a ‘partnership of equals’ and all that, eh? The world’s moved on, lol.

          • @A20-man: Haha, but just because “equality” may look good on paper, won’t change the fact that there will always be secure and insecure, dominating and submissive, as well as strong-willed and weak-willed “partners” in a relationship.

            • Right, hehe. Most people with common sense will have realized by now that there’s really no such thing as an absolute 50-50 compromise… except maybe the masochists and sadists out there. As our second favourite Emperor Charles said in that curling voice of his, ‘humans are not equal’, haha.

  5. Lol, why would it matter if he posed? Would your friend’s girlfriend really freak out because he took a picture with some random girl in a costume? If so, it’s probably for the best.

    • That’s the impression I got, haha. I don’t know anything about her though, not having met her before.

  6. I was looking for a Saya figure or nendoroid on that day, but didn’t find any.

    • Saw quite a few Nendos that day, but yeah, no Saya. We are talking about the same Saya, right? From Blood+?

      • Yes, Otonashi Saya.

        • @A20-man & @Envoy-man: Saya figure? Aren’t they super-rare? The only one I know that exists is the one I already have. Here’s a pic. Never knew there were any other. Ball-jointed dolls don’t count. ^^;

          • Sweet, just too bad it’s of her with her old hairstyle. Do you remember her after she reappeared in London? I like that one- she just reminded me of Nakashima Mika in the Nana movie.

            • @A20-man: Ahh, you always like to see the half-empty sour-graped cloud in the silver lining, don’t you? Haha.

            • @Jay: Ouch, you saw through me already? lol. The ‘half-empty sour-graped cloud’ is quite delicious in this case, though:)

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