Stupidity, naiveté, and how I sleep at night

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Another ‘random dump’ post. As such, the image has absolutely nothing to do with the title of the post, or it’s contents. Here’s the source, though, if you like it. The original caption for the image goes something like ‘I wouldn’t like it if someone like this turned up on my doorstep’.Regarding… Stupidity. Two crimes recently reported in a local daily caught my eye. The first one was about a Muslim woman who was arrested for consuming alcohol- she’s a small-time local celebrity, they (Enforcement agencies) have entire departments of career stalkers just for them. As for the second, a man was convicted of distributing obscene images of his wife. Strangely (Although I’m a little fuzzy regarding the details), the latter crime had a lighter punishment. The beer guzzler was given six whips… that’s stupidity for you.

Another case of stupidity… Antitrust cases, especially the ones regarding Microsoft. Is it such a crime if they bundle Internet Explorer with every copy of Windows? The first thing most people do after they set up an internet connection is download the latest version of Firefox anyway. What’s gonna happen when they un-bundle IE? Will users be left with a brand new copy of Windows, an internet connection, and no way to access the internet? Stupid. Just stupid.

Two cases of clinical stupidity cleared. I suppose I might as well throw in a case that demonstrates pure genius to lighten things up- or not, depending on how you look at it.

Recently a Japanese game company by the name of Illusion came under fire for one of their sex simulator games- specifically, RapeLay, which is basically about a guy who rapes three girls. UNICEF and some other women’s rights groups made a big fuss over it, and the game was pulled out of Furthermore, Illusion decided to block all foreigners from accessing their site, a move which I found silly yet quite amusing.

I don’t really care about all these- my view being that it isn’t real, no more real than Grand Theft Auto or Postal. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Stick an ‘adults only’ rating on it. Ban it. Teach your kids that rape is a crime. End story. There are bigger fish to fry. As for the ‘stroke of genius’ I mentioned earlier, Illusion must have been listening in on my brain waves- their latest game has women raping men. Which isn’t a crime, because by law, women can’t rape men. Or other women for that matter, which is why UNICEF doesn’t care. Now the men get raped too. Fair’s fair.

Regarding… Naiveté. The person who forwarded this to me had a good laugh, and actually thought it was true. The title of the message: ‘English is a difficult language… for some!’ Here goes (Verbatim):

This is a true story from the Japanese embassy in the US. A few days ago, Prime Minister Mori was given some basic English conversation training before he visits Washington and meets President Barack Obama.

The instructor told PM Mori, “when you shake hands with President Obama, please say ‘how are you’. Then Mr. Obama would say, ‘I am fine, and you?’ Now, you should say ‘me too’. Afterwards, we translators will do the work for you.” It sounded quite simple, but what happened was:

When Mori met Obama, he mistakenly said ‘who are you?’ instead of ‘how are you?’ Obama was a bit shocked but managed to react with humour: ‘Well, I’m Michelle’s husband, ha-ha.’ Then Mori replied, ‘me too.’

Long silence in the meeting room.

Long silence from me too. I don’t know who was PM in Japan when Obama became President, but I highly doubt that it was anyone named Mori. Currently, it’s Aso Taro, and before that Fukuda Yasuo, Abe Shinzou, and everyone’s favourite ‘lion-mane’ Koizumi Junichirou. The only ex-PM I could find with ‘Mori’ in his name was Mori Yoshirou, and his reign was between the years 2000 and 2001. Some people will just believe anything they read.

And finally… How I, well, we sleep at night. This one came with a load of images but I’ll just type out the text:

i) Covered from head to toe:

You may appear real macho in public, but deep down inside you are shy and weak. You tend to keep loads of secrets. If you encounter any problems, you would rather keep it to yourself and agonise over it than ask for help. No wonder you grimace in your sleep!

Me: I only do this when it’s cold. Or when there are mosquitoes doing kamikaze runs against my face and I’m too lazy to get up and get the bug spray.

ii) Sleep on your back, with crossed arms supporting the head:

You’re highly intelligent and enthusiastic to learn. Yet sometimes you are filled with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow. You take good care of your family, but the problem is you hardly love anybody. A little bit choosy, huh?

Me: So choosy that I don’t sleep like this because it hurts, and my hands will get sweaty in the end.

iii) Sleep on your back with legs crossed (Crossed as in, the same way you cross legs when sitting down):

Anyone who sleeps cross-legged is said to be self-obsessed and finds difficulty in accepting changes. Solitude is your priority. Yet, your redeeming quality is your threshold for tolerance.

Me: If I slept like that I’d probably break my leg when I roll around.

iv) Cuddled up, in a foetal position:

You feel lonely and depressed because you are obsessed with your past failures and set backs. You are hesitant and indecisive, giving others an impression that love has been missing in your life.

Me: Well yeah, I do this, but in this pattern: Curl towards left, uncurl, stretch, snow angel spread, curl towards right, uncurl…

v) Sleep on your side, curling up:

Selfish, jealous, and vindictive are words that describe you. Others have to be careful not to step on your toes as you are easily irritated!

Me:  I do this too, in the same pattern as the above, though. Oh, I also kick out just for fun…

vi) Sleep on your side, with one knee bent:

You are inclined to be fussy, always whining and complaining. Nervousness is probably your second name. You tense up easily and get overly excited over small matters. Life isn’t such a big deal. Learn to relax.

Me: The guy in the picture pulled off this pose like a slob. As for me, I do believe that I look like a reclining statue of Athena… but that’s just me.

vii) Sleep on your side, lying on one arm:

Contrary to the previous one (Curling up), you are gentle, polite, sincere, and loving. Well, nothing is perfect. Build up your self-confidence and learn to accept mistakes and imperfection. Happiness will then come your way!

Me: Arm ends up being squashed, so this pose doesn’t last for long either…

viii) Sleep on your side, lying on one side:

This posture indicates that you are a confident person. You will see success in whatever you undertake, owing to your relentless endeavour. People who sleep on their right side with their right arm stretching over their head and lying on the right side are said to be blessed with power and fortune.

Me: Have I been sleeping on the wrong side all this while?

ix) Back sleeper, with arms and legs spread outwards:

What a liberty loving soul! Well, this posture reveals your true identity. Comfort-lover and beauty-worshipper, you are also a real spendthrift (But luckily you can earn just as much). Your other undesirable trait is that you are a bit nosy and seem to enjoy gossip.

Me: The only way I’ll stay in this position for an entire night is if you tie my arms and legs to the bedposts… which sounds a lot like some sort of bondage play anyway. How would I sleep then?

x) Sleep on your stomach:

If you sleep face down all night, you are likely to be narrow minded. You are probably self-centered and always force people to comply with your needs. You are also likely to be reckless and desultory. Time to change your sleep posture.

Me: Only because of those blasted mosquitoes which hover around me every other night.

And that’s it. Yet another random dump completed. Did you enjoy the tales of stupidity, genius, and naiveté? Or were you too busy trying to remember how you slept last night?


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  1. @A20-man: {Long silence} Man, who invents those quizzes? Haha, why not include bed size, number of pillows, partner or not, window-size, and door-side? Since they all influence sleep position…

    • Someone with way too much free time on their hands, haha. It’s scary, in a way. The environmental factors that influence the results are endless- mosquitoes being the major culprit in my case, hehe.

  2. Hey, I saw that email/story! Took it as a joke, chuckled a bit, then deleted it.

    I take every email with a grain of salt nowadays, (some with a larger grain perhaps XP), and always try to check things out before passing on any internet ‘rumors’.

    Like, did you get the email about how Japanese are cannibals and eat babies? It came with a host of ‘evidence’ via pictures too. I finally got sick of constantly getting that trash forwarded to me and just typed up the actual story and sending it out to every one of my contacts. Seriously, there’s no reason for the gullibility with all the resources available for finding reliable information these days.

    • I don’t mind getting this sort of mail- like you, it’s more or less a repeated process of read, grin, delete. I just can’t believe that there area people who actually believe these things… that in itself is more irritating than the spam.

      What? Baby-eating cannibals? That’s a new one. It’s because of idiots like these who have piles of free time on their hands to create false stories that the world’s still so messed up (One reason out of many).

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