A milestone of sorts.

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Cow cow

Cow cow

Well, I’ve reached a milestone of sorts, and didn’t notice it at all. What milestone would that be, you ask. Well, this blog has just gone past the 10,000 hits mark, whatever that means- I can’t tell the difference between hits, page views, and all that techno jargon, so what does it matter, really? Not much. But a milestone is a milestone, and who can blame me if I feel like celebrating?

That said, I don’t really have anything interesting to say to you (You who be reading this). Um, how about ‘Thanks for dropping by, I hope you had a good time’- nah, that sounds as if I’m going to shut this place down. I think I’ll go for the opposite approach- ‘I’ve been getting less daily page views, and you’re to blame! Now you make sure you come here everyday…’ Come to think of it, that might just scare you off. I think I’ll shut up now.

Or not. Maybe I’ll give you a little lesson on public relations instead, by pinching a chunk of local news from the newspapers. How’s that sound? That’s your free gift, a token of appreciation, I suppose.

Just yesterday, a massive demonstration was held in the capital city (KL)- some 20,000 people with nothing better to do on a steaming hot Saturday afternoon gathered to march to the Sultan’s palace to hand over a memorandum against the Internal Security Act (Something like the UK’s early anti-terrorism laws).

Enough with the background and on to the seminar. It was amusing, really, the way in which the police and the government handled things. They pretty much locked down the entire city, ‘advised’ the protesters to disband, and eventually ended up using tear gas and water cannons on the crowd. Sheer genius, really.

What happens next? Photos and stories of police brutality, whether true or not, worm their way onto the net, and eventually, the foreign media gets interested and the country gets booed at by everyone else, thr ruling party looks stupid, ministers go on TV and make more ridiculous statements…

There was a really simple way of solving it, really. The rally was meant to be a peaceful one, so why not let them do it? After all, all they wanted was to hand over a memorandum to someone who’s no more than a figurehead. Why couldn’t the government have told that figurehead to, say, go to this little outback village, issue a statement inviting the protesters to visit him there and not further crowd an already crowded city? Simple, really. They can go visit him in the countryside, and spend the night around a bonfire singing folk songs. The water cannons would then be used to put out the fire.

Sometimes I feel like I should be put in charge of the country. I’d declare myself God Emperor, and force everyone to worship statues crafted in my noble  image. I don’t think you’d like that, though. The first item on my agenda would be to make visiting this site a compulsory activity. The punishment for disobeying me would be to wear a cow costume and get tossed in the air several times. Such fun, eh?


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  1. @A20-man: Hey, congrats! Hmm, then again, 10,000 hits could represent anywhere from 1000 to 3000 page views, depending on the density of images, etc… But 20,000 people? I suppose that could’ve been an opportunity for “someone” to hand out packets of free tissues with the URL “aprilius.wordpress.com” written in felt-tip pen written on each packet, right?

    • P.S. Oops, but “aprilius20.wordpress.com” would probably be better, huh.

      • Ah, many thanks! True, I have no idea what those stats mean- I’m just using the basic WP stat charts for this one. Tissue packets? Someone? Who would that be, I wonder? I haven’t the slightest clue… haha, a string cheese bikini-ed C.C, perhaps?

        • @A20-man: Ah well, “you” would probably be a good start. But please don’t put on any string-cheese bikini. Maybe Kris-chan could volunteer in that department, lol.

  2. Heh, congratulation! I just don’t know how many time I have said that word to other people. But oh well..

    • Thanks there! It doesn’t matter how many times it’s been said, the thought is still much appreciated:)

  3. Gratulations!
    Im looking forward to when you are ruling the country.I take it for granted that im invited to a to royal tea party?

    • But of course! It will take a while though, as I don’t have the tools to accomplish that as of yet… would you know where I can purchase a Death Note or a Geass at a discounted rate?

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