Of Ill Omens and Pointlessly Delightful Gossip

August 24, 2009 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 6 Comments

It arrived one or two weeks ago, out of nowhere, without warning, without welcome, like a rain of fresh toothy tuna. Not that tuna fell out of the sky here. Whatever, I’m rambling, I know. The ‘thing’ that ‘arrived’ was a prophetic sign in the form of a newspaper advertisement- my old college, that funny little building above a bank where I did my A-Levels before moving on to another funny little building situated on a row of brothels; gleefully announcing their ownership of a student who had the higher score in the world for the University of London’s Law degree. Jolly good. How nice for her.

It hit me seconds later, as these things tend to do. Note: If it was fresh tuna, now, you wouldn’t even have seconds to think- how it was relevant to me. It could only mean one thing: that those sadistic old fogeys (Presumably) in London (But more likely vacationing in the Bahamas) were done with marking our exam papers. It had to come, sooner or later. But I’d really come to love this sedentary limbo I’ve been in for the past two-three months.

As I’ve probably mentioned several posts back, I wasn’t too happy with how the exam went. I exited irritated, annoyed, vaguely violent and frighteningly hungry, but without much mood for anything. That said, I consider myself quite lucky (Trying to think positively here) for having something else to take my mind of the thought of the soon-to-be-released results: This picture, which I found in an online forum:



I was heartbroken. Downright dejected. As if it was I who had been cast aside in favor of another woman. Never mind the obvious fact that I’m a guy. The picture above is a page from School Rumble Z, the monthly gag comic that ran for ten chapters after School Rumble ended- it can’t be taken seriously, but even so… to see the character I best identified myself with (Yakumo) not getting her man (Harima), and Harima married to Sawachika, with a baby… not to mention Yakumo being happy for them… what about you, girl? What do you want for yourself?

-Sniff- This hurt me more than the thought of getting my exam results. My priorities are pretty messed up, eh? I wouldn’t normally care so much about something like this. Maybe it’s the lack of oxygen.

There was a comment on that forum, however, that managed to resuscitate my flagging hopes. It said that the whole thing was imagined by curry-lover Karasuma, his brain scrambled by some sort of disease- huh. To come up with something like that, he must have completely lost his marbles…



Yes. The baby image was too sudden, after all, popping out of nowhere in the middle of their graduation ceremony. The panel featuring dreamy-eyed Karasuma explains it all. Phew. Only one problem, though. With that out of the way, my thoughts naturally drifted back to the more important issue at hand- I’d received an email from the University stating that the results would be released on the 27th of August. There goes my blessed limbo.

Needing something to take my mind off all this, I checked out the previous chapter of SRZ, which turned out to be the best thing I’ve done in ages, for it contained these few images:



“Living side-by-side”? They’re actually cohabitating?! What would Tenma have to say about that, haha! Alright, calm down already. He’s just staying with Yakumo and Sarah for free, it’s not like anything’s happened between them…



Ahh. So big-sis didn’t know, after all…



Out with the truth. Yakumo does love Harima- who’d have thought that Tenma could be this useful? It’s just too bad that Harima is still in love with Tenma. I’m assuming that Sawachika still harbors some feelings for him- not too much to worry about, though, since Yakumo does have a respectable advantage, after all.

Well, that’s that. My favorite character’s future safe and secure, with nothing left to worry about- I had nowhere else to go but to return to reality. I’d like to run off to another country for a few months, but that’s not possible. Airplanes don’t allow hitchhikers.



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  1. @A20-man: Wait, is the character you best identify with, the same as your favorite character? May not be, just making sure.

    But now that you bring it up… Both the bumbling-and-insecure aspect of Tenma-chan plus the quieter-and-smarter aspect of Yakumo-chan remind me of Autumn-chan. Depending on the environment. ^_~

    • Yup, Yakumo is the character I best identify with, at least in terms of general social behaviour. With friends I’m more of a strange mix of Harima x Akira…

      bumbling-and-insecure aspect of Tenma-chan plus the quieter-and-smarter aspect of Yakumo-chan remind me of Autumn-chan.

      Hey, I’ve always thought that Tenma and Yakumo, if their best points were to be combined, would be the perfect ‘all bases covered’ character. Although I wouldn’t have gone for the ‘bumbling and insecure’ bit, but her positive attitude, friendliness and dedication instead… but to each his own. So you lean towards ‘dojikko’ girls, do you? Good luck with your ‘perfect conglomerate’ once more, haha!

      • @A20-man: Haha, you know, I wouldn’t have thought I’d lean towards them either! But the way she’d dash, spin, stumble, fumble, or over-gesture with her hands, I couldn’t stop myself from telling her: “You’re too cute.” I think I was hooked, lol. ^_^

        • Hmm, I think I’d actually get very irritated, or tired around someone like that. Then again I suppose I’ll never know until I meet someone like that, haha. I’d prefer someone with a sharp tongue (Think C.C), or the silent, calm type like Yakumo. But to each his own, eh?

          • @A20-man: Ahh, come to think of it, Autumn-chan is generally calmer and quieter in public situations, like Yakumo-chan… But in 3-person or one-in-one conversations, she can range from observant to lightly critical. Luckily, not as commandingly caustic or sarcastic as C.C. Well, not yet, lol.

  2. @Jay: If you think C.C is caustic, you haven’t seen nothing yet- check out Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari. You can add it to your endless wait-list;)

    Not yet? Haha, are you directing her towards that area?

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