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A brief summary of everything that’s happened since I joined ATC in August. It is now… November, by the way. Never too late, eh? Well, how to start… a charming little quote would be nice. So let’s not waste any more time:

“I didn’t choose to do law- I fell into it”

Intelligent readers will note that I am quoting myself. Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten around to talking in the third person- at least not yet. Back to business.

About the PTPTN loan- turned out that I was eligible to apply. Everything had been done beforehand- went to BSN to pay for a pin, Muamalat (never thought I’d step foot in there), a fight over at the British Council where my dad, being irritated at having to go out for a second (2.5th, actually) time because of silly working hours on their part, blew his top when he found out that I’d had them certify copies of my SPM cert. I chose to play safe- stayed outside and enjoyed the smoke.

After a few weeks, or maybe just over a month, I logged into the PTPTN website and was greeted by a few sentences announcing the approval of my loan- wait, the approval of my application for a loan. This is what you get for dealing with the government. Blablabla, long story short, I read it during the weekend, decided that I’d get more info on Monday.

Monday, went to see the person in charge after class (approx. 5.20PM). Knocked on the door and was told she’d gone home. No classes for the following days. Thursday, or Friday, I finally met her and was told that the following Monday was the deadline. Oi. Went home, printed the documents, read it, realised that I’d need witnesses for the guarantors, and something called a setem hasil. That was the last straw. Dad said to just give it up.

Next: my first courtroom experience. Well, a moot court, actually. I’ll never understand why they call it ‘moot’, when the word basically means ‘pointless’. So the whole trial is pointless? Then why have it in the first place? The answer probably lies in the Old English definition of the word:

From Old English *mōt, gemōt (meeting)

Blasted lawyers, judges, legislators and everyone who had a hand with crafting the English legal jargon. Here’s an example: a property can actually be called ‘deceased’. Don’t ask, because I don’t intend to find out. English is a language confused enough as it is, and they just made it worse, selfishly crafting a niche spot in the world which no one can enter without training (and paying for it). Never mind. The moot court- held in place of our usual Criminal law lecture. We were told to behave as if we were in a real courtroom. Wonderful. One of those meant that if we wanted to step outside, we’d first have to bow to the judge. Guy beside me gave a full bow, which was pretty frightening. I gave a little nod and strolled out- to hell with protocol. If they’d asked, I’d just say that I have a stiff neck. They didn’t.

Editor’s note: “unrelated to content, but these two are the subjects of discussion”

I had a dream- of me sitting in some tram-like vehicle with Elizabeth’s beloved and one girl. He was in the middle, separating me from her, which irritated me to no end. To make matters worse, I’m pretty sure the two of them were an item. I wanted her. Now here’s the hot issue (for Lizbeth, at least): the girl wasn’t her.

Moi: I had a dream…… I liked that girl, but she was with uncle…
Lizbeth: No!
Moi: Relax. It wasn’t you. Wait, that sorta makes things worse, doesn’t it?
Lizbeth: You sure it wasn’t me?
Moi: Definite. She was taller than you.
Lizbeth: Oi!

Not verbatim, but that’s pretty much how our chat went. She got flustered- said that she’d had a dream of her beloved flirting with some other girl or something along those lines, and that recently she’d had some suspicions… or was it he who dreamed that Lizbeth went out with some other guy? Ah well. Everything seems fine between them to me- they’ve already fallen into the ‘married couple’ pattern, fighting over tiny things and getting back together like nothing ever happened. Silly household troubles, but I listen to them anyway while she cries (no tears, mind you- hamster doesn’t leak that easily) and whacks my arms. It seems to have a miraculously calming effect on her. I’ll just attribute it to my wonderful self, as usual.

So far I have pontenged class twice. Not bad, huh? During Form 4 and 5 I achieved perfect attendance, although the latter wasn’t officially acknowledged, and despite the fact that I was late almost every day. Right. The first blotch on my record this time round was caused by the a visit from Jacqueline- skipped a 90 minute lecture on Judicial Precedent along with Lizbeth and wasted time discussing various insane/interesting events that have happened to her since we last met. The second time was an extra class on Saturday, 2pm (I found out about it on Friday- no announcements made either). Grudgingly decided to go, but changed my mind the next day while playing Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia sometime around 1pm=.=”

The girl who induced me to skip class.

The girl who induced me to skip class.

Now how about college life in general? The commute alone sucks the life out of me, and it’s usually all I can do to stay lucid. It really helps during break if I have a a copy of the Sun to keep me awake- and oi, just in case, I’m not talking about that tabloid with page 3 skin. As for PR, it’s pretty much the same as back in BAC.  Too lazy to turn my head and talk to people behind me, but I do oblige requests. Nicer to people sitting in the same row as me, as usual, but I don’t have the energy to maintain relationships any more. So I’m probably not going to be able to strike up any serious relationships unless someone moves on me and keeps up the pace. Whatever happened to that oblivious force of nature I used to be in my school days? Damn the commute.

For tutorials, we’ve been split into two groups- I consider myself pretty fortunate to be in the same group as this guy called guy with an accent called Gobind (not too sure of the spelling) and Elizabeth’s stalker. The latter is good entertainment, although I do believe that most of the lecturers find him rather exasperating at times. Most of what he says is negligible, but there are the rare drops of uncalled for wisdom. Yes- I know I sound rather mean. Truth is, I’m trying to regain my former meanness:) The former has quite a lot in his head, and would seem to be guaranteed to ace the course if it were one on general knowledge relating to the UK. Like, I know who Margaret Thatcher is, but why the hell would I bother with who the Home Secretary was at the time? Oh well- we all have our specialties anyway… you’re currently reading the words of an someone who delights in pointless information. The problem with me is that I tend to throw it all out once I get tired of it, which really isn’t very helpful.

Hmm… OK, time to round this up. Your eyes must be sore from reading all these tiny words, so I’ve prepared (well, stole, actually) something for you guys (and girls too, if you like) to feast on:

I confess to Mun Yee theft.

Yea, I confess to Mun Yee theft.

Stole this photo from here. Don’t think you mind, right? If you do just hit me when we meet up. As mentioned a few miles above, it seems to have a calming effect…

I first met her in my Japanese class in Sunway. We were together for a few levels, but didn’t talk to each other much (my eyes were elsewhere at the time, sorry). Barely, actually. Yes, yes, I know what you’re probably thinking right now. “Pretty girl in front of you and you completely ignore her=.=” She quit the centre before some one, two levels before I myself left the place, I think. I don’t really remember how I rediscovered her… was probably through her old blog, while googling my ex-Jap teacher. Anyway, I just found out that she’s studying in a college close to mine. Thought of meeting up with her, but she’s rather busy right now, so that’ll have to wait.

There you have it- a 1514 word summary of the months of August till late November, although I’ve most likely left out quite a lot. If you want to know more you’ll have to stalk me and record my every movement. Although it’s pretty certain that I’d spot you and sic the traffic cops on you before you get anything on me.

So long then, and farewell- sleep beckons (=ω=)


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