Announcement: Geographical Realignment

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Come on over already!

Well, that’s it. The new site is finally up! What are you waiting for? Head on over to That’s where I’ll be posting from now. All old posts, and 99% of the comments have been sent on ahead. There are still some bugs and issues to work out, such as which plugins to get, Japanese text being reproduced as ‘???’ (Really need help on this one), etc, but it’s more or less fine. This site isn’t dead, though. I’ll have to figure out what I want to do with it. I guess it’ll stay as a sort of historical monument, haha.


Black+Green=? …Ridiculous title for a post.

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I have no idea why, but someone in my class has decided to have a class photo taken- they’re gonna get one of the seniors, who has an SLR camera, to take it for us. Preppie time- my hair’s gotten pretty long- up to the point where it formed a protective layer around my ears. So if you’ve been shouting at me for the last month an got no response, blame the hair. Oh wait- it’s been cut- so you really don’t have anyone/thing to blame. Too bad for you.


Pretending to be depressed.

Pretending to be depressed@憂鬱の振りを

Freed Ears.

Freed Ears@開放された耳

Well, that’s that. Next step- wardrobe restocking, which has always been a problem. I just can’t seem to be satisfied with clothes in this country- couple that with the wide gap between my precise tastes and global fashion trends, and I have myself a task more impossible than climbing Mount Everest on one hand while wearing a Playboy Bunny suit and singing Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’.

よし、次は新しい服の買い物か。いつも難しかったんだよ、それ…どうもこの国の服だけで満足できないんだ。それにくわえて、うちの好き嫌いと世界的なファションの流行パタンのおかげで、結果的にPLAYBOYのウサギちゃんの格好でBON・JOVIの「IT’S MY LIFE」を歌いながらエベレス山を登るより難しい仕事だ。

Save the world- dye your hair green

Save the world- dye your hair green

Maybe next time, I’ll dye my hair green… What say you?


More of C.C at Foxkei’s

Love is thicker than even the extra cheese on a pan-crust pizza

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Found this excellent picture floating on the internet, for everyone who hopes Lelouch is still alive and kicking. So what if you can’t read Japanese? It’s a marriage certificate! What more do you need to know other then that the dream couple of Code Geass has finally been united in matrimonial/contractual bliss?

So say I but here’s a translation anyway:

Most of it’s pretty obvious, no?
Top left panel: Photo/Portrait
Panel above Lelouch: Husband to be
Panel above C.C: Wife to be
Panel to the left of Lelouch’s name: (How to read),  Full Name, D.O.B
Panel below that: How I met Her (Him)
Four lines to the right [note: essentially a dialog between the two]:

Lulu: Shinjuku Ghetto – unexpected encounter – flight – danger – contract
C.C: There are limits to how emotionless one should be, Lelouch.
Lulu: Shut up, witch.
C.C: Oh, are you just covering up your embarrassment?
[strikethrough by Lulu]
Lulu: No!!

The panel below all that shows their ‘occupations’:
Lulu – Demon Lord
C.C – Witch
And below that, it’s basically ‘etc’ to the above[another mini dialog]:

C.C: Ashford Academy High School Pizza Club Director
Lulu: Look, why are you the Director?!

And finally, the lovely couple’s signatures^-^


Also, seeing as my previous post シー・ツーの憂鬱 (The Melancholy of C.C) has gotten itself a sizable number of views (perhaps due to the lovely picture there), I thought that I’d better translate it into (brief) English as well:

I had a strange dream again. The characters were Lelouch and C.C from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, and… another new character. End of advance notice.

C.C entered the Command Center of the Black Knights. She was searching for Lelouch, but found someone else there as well- someone frightening.

C.C: “Lelouch, I thought you’d be here. I have some business with you… Lelouch, who is this?!”

What she saw before her  was… a combination of herself and Princess Euphemia. She could not, would not, acknowledge it as a human being.

C.C: “Lelouch, what is this thing!”

Lelouch, who was reading a book, noticed her and put it down on a table. He stared coldly at C.C.

Lelouch: “I suppose you don’t like it, C.C”

C.C: “Do I even have to say it? Who do you think I am?”

…actually, I adlibbed everything up till now. Although I have no idea what they said to each other, I have a general idea of what C.C was thinking:

C.C: “I knew it all along. Lelouch said that we were friends… that he only has me… all… probably… lies, I suppose. For me to have trusted this man who only loves himself…

Fin. Quite a stark contrast with the happily married couple in the picture above, eh? Well if C.C ever gets tired of Lulu, I’ll happily take her in…^^;;

What better than a trap while we wait?

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Here’s a temporary post to kill time while I wait for the rest of the photos from the Genting trip to reach me. Recognise these girls?

Look closely...

Look closely...

Look closely enough, and you’ll see that they’re guys, not girls. Even worse, that ‘girl’ in the Qi Pao (Or at least I think that’s one) is none other than… Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass. I don’t know what the fangirls are thinking, but I’d wager that half of them would be screaming like rabid dogs- no, scratch that. It’s likely that they’d all be screaming- half in delight, and half in torment.

No idea about the fanboys, though. All I thought was, “Ah. This is  pretty amusing. Hold on- where’s Suzaku? That’s odd- he’s not in the pic. I don’t recognise the guy on the bottom left, is that him? But Suzaku has brown hair…” No screams here- sorry to disappoint.

It looks like Lelouch is hugging C.C’s Pizza Hut doll. Then again… could it be? Yup, it looks possible… so Lelouch’s face has been grafted onto C.C’s body? Which would mean that Rolo (bottom right) has been grafted onto… Nunnally, and that blond knight has replaced, uh… Kallen, perhaps? Still, who exactly is that ‘girl’ in blue?

Update: Interesting discussion going on here… some people think that the ‘girl’ in the blue dress is Lelouch, while the one in the Chinese outfit is Xing Ke… I can’t really decide- both seem possible. So just who is Lelouch now?

Image Source: Sankakucomplex

Tis’ the eve of December, I’m running low on dimes

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November 30, the Eve of… December. Thought I was going to blurt out some delightful event? Not that I really celebrate anything, for that matter. Anyway, Matt came back about a week ago, but this was the first time we went out together since then, as he’d been off to Singapore for a church trip. One problem: Alvin called me on Friday, inviting me to a free movie courtesy of Ti Ming (Ling’s brother). Haven’t seen the fella in months (the sister in more than a year, though it’s not like she would have went). I thought of combining that trip and mine, which only led to more problems…

I was supposed to go with Matt to church (yea, think of me as an observer of religions), but I was too tired from last night’s viewing of Higurashi no Naku koro ni Kai, and when he called me up around 9 in the morning, I had to turn him down and go back to sleeeep zZz :P

Eventually I managed to drag myself out of that soft, fluffy heaven and got ready. Had a light breakfast, and went off. Parked the car at the usual place, near Joshua’s house. Past 12, but the fella was still in church. I was carrying his PS2 and was in no mood to lug the thing all over Pyramid, so I decided to wait in the car. Sat on the bonnet and tried to enjoy the light wind, but it was bloody hot. Blasted Malaysian weather.

I waited and waited… got fed up and messaged the fella:

Moi: “Matt- outside Pyramid now. Where to meet you? Reply quick- damn hot here”
Him: “Sorry man, I’m still at church. Yeah, meet u at medan for lunch.”
*missing message*
Him: Kk, go pyramid first, having lunch. I think Jimmy is there d.”
Moi: “Where the hell is medan? Indonesia? =.=\ Just call when you arrive in Pyramid. Waiting in car, near Josh’s place”
Him: “Lev, what are you doing?”
Moi: “Where are you? Waiting for u to reach Pyramid. Waiting at car. Credit running low d”
Him: “Then come quick to church. have lunch here.”
Moi: “Wha?! That’s what you meant by medan… Nah, you eat there then. Geoff coming to meet me d.”
Him: “You sure, come join us. please.”
Moi: “Fine… but I gotta wait for Geoff”

Gah. So actually he meant that he was having lunch at the church cafe. Confused me with that ‘go pyramid first, having lunch’ message. In the meantime, I tried calling Jimmy but failed; Geoff called me and we arranged to meet at my car; and Alvin called to say that he would be late as he had to go to the airport first. Just in case, I asked “Which airport? Subang or KLIA?” Subang, luckily. Phew>.<“”

Anyway, Geoff came to pick me up, and we went off to Matt’s church- met Na Young there. Lunch, which Matt said he’d pay, although I didn’t see him do it (we left anyway)- quick photo session with Na Young, and off to Pyramid……

……Where we met up with Alvin and Jimmy. Some discussion- on whether we’d be able to get extra tickets at Cineleisure Damansara. Geoff said no: Sunday + stupid kids movie (Bolt) + parents = zero chance. And Ti Ming only had 4 free tickets. Put off the decision till later, but not before Geoff remembered that he had something to do at home, and we split up: Jim and Alv to a nearby cybercafe, and the remaining three to Geoff’s place. First time in Geoff’s house. Pretty normal, but you gotta hate him for  that com he has=.=” Stayed there for some time, and it was finally decided that Alv would go for the Bolt with Ti Ming, while the rest of us would watch Quarantine. Couldn’t think of anything else to watch.

So Alv disappeared, and the rest of us hit Pyramid. Passed by a great big Christmas tree, and ever alert as usual, I sniffed a photo oppportunity. Too bad there were no girls in our group>.<

Had some guy take this pic for us, and I must say that he did a pretty good job. I took a good photo of Geoff and Matt (considering my shaky hands), but Geoff screwed up the ones he took>.< More photos here. Went to buy the tickets, and then hit Giant for some snack shopping. I think they overdid it- I took no part in this exercise of greed. Dinner was next- we had a hard time deciding, but we ended up in Pizza Hut. Took a set for four- the group’s greed had lessened somewhat;) Service was terrible, as usual. Can’t be helped, though, especially when there’s no minimum wage law and they’re only being paid RM3 per hour. According to Matt, they’re paid 10NZD over there…

I took this. Geoff on my left

I took this. Geoff on my left

Terrible service aside, the soup was lovely as usual. Geoff shares my love for pepper (and lots of it) with anything that has that four letter word in it’s name. Pizza Hut was kind enough to provide both white and black pepper… we poured away happily ever after:) Just too bad there’s no more free flow of soup like in the good ol’ days…>.< Not to mention no C.C:p Geoff told us an interesting story about that girl he introduced me to in APIIT on that one day I was there, Soo Hwah- once while he was having lunch with her he mentioned that he loved pepper in soup, and she unscrewed the shaker and poured everything in.@.@”

Movie after dinner. Something happened on the way there which I won’t even bother to mention (although I’m mentally whipping your desire to know what), for various reasons. The movie (Quarantine) was fine, although with one jarring plot hole: at one point in the show, three men in HAZMAT suits entered the closed-off building. One of them was shown to be holding a rifle. I’m not sure if the guy with the rifle went in, but they all died anyway. Like, what? You know the building is filled with potential infectious cannibals and you send your men in with nothing but needles?! Something stinks, especially when they’d already lied to the public that the building had been evacuated. Obviously, they planned to kill off everyone in there- so why not get your samples and shoot everyone while you’re at it? Doofuses. Another bug: when the policeman got infected, he told the others to ‘run away and leave me’. Huh. Now why didn’t anyone take his gun? And so they ended up with no weapons but a sledgehammer and camera. Pretty smart.

Cybercafe. Met Wai Lam there- he left soon after. Geoff sent Jimmy home, leaving Matt and me. Stayed there for a couple hours before I sent him home. Reached home approx. 1.30AM- everyone was sleeping. Good thing college was having it’s convocation today (Monday), so there were no classes. Slept in till past noon.

Posts on outings generally aren’t very interesting, but it ends with this- with all of Geoff’s talk about Soo Hwah, I can’t help but feel myself being drawn to her. I’ve a liking for strange people, and she kinda fits. I don’t want to, but I feel hormones stirring… Geoff seems intersted in setting up a date between the two of us. Bereft of a clear mind and a coherent mental location to work from, I am completely lost.

Requiem for an Emperor

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The Emperor and his Witch

The Emperor and his Witch

I finished watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 yesterday, after three sessions of four episodes sometime last week, the subsequent fifteen on Wednesday, and the final five yesterday (Here’s a summary of the finale). It’s been great, really, notwithstanding the news that director Taniguchi Goro came out saying that he couldn’t finish the show the way he wanted to due to ‘scheduling difficulties’ *cough*, and a, to some extent, expected ending reminiscent of Death Note‘s.

So what do we have here? Nothing, I think. I am left in a temporary void. I’ve been waiting for the second season for ages, and it’s gone almost as soon as it fell into my hands. Have to blame my own insatiable greed for that, I guess. What other show do I await now? Nothing. I have two Code Geass games in storage, but now that the second season is over, I really don’t feel like playing them anymore. Emperor Lelouch vi Brittania is dead. So is anything related to Code Geass, at least for me.

It’s odd… in the beginning, I didn’t like R2. I think I can blame the character of Rolo for that. He was a put-off, for some reason. No matter. It just got better and better, although I couldn’t help but notice how rushed everything was. Quite surprisingly, the one character I never thought I’d come to dislike was Nunnally (Come to think of it, I’ve never cared much for her), especially since she was so easily duped by Schneizel. Suzaku, that idealistic death-seeking tairyoku-baka was someone I could never stand, what with that irritating mouth of his constantly spouting crap like “I’ll change Brittania from the inside”, but he eventually earned my forgiveness with his participation in Lelouch’s Zero Requiem plan.

Speaking of which, damn that plan. Why why why?!! I suppose it had to happen- it was after all, probably the one way almost everyone could be made happy, with the exception of Lelouch’s sister Nunnally, and Suzaku, who got his just rewards by having to live out the rest of his life as Zero. These kind of endings just come to you, I guess. It’s like Death Note, where a world with Light as supreme ruler, although appealing to the Light fanbase, just isn’t a shocking/entertaining enough conclusion to a superb series.

The ending does remind me somewhat of God Emperor of Dune, where Leto Atreides II turned himself into a living god and purposely directed the hatred of the universe towards himself for humankind’s own good. I can’t help but wonder if Taniguchi was influenced be G.E.D during production of the show. Back to the point (Was there really one, for that matter?)…

I wish. Yes, I suppose that’s the reason I’m really writing this post. I wish that Lelouch had somehow gotten the code for immortality, and will spend the rest of his neverending life with C.C. I wish that he could have remained Emperor. I wish that he is not a mere voice in C.C’s consciousness. I wish that the world wouldn’t hate Lelouch. I wish that… Sunrise will never, ever make a sequel to R2, despite everything I’ve just said, no matter how odd that sounds.

The title of this post is Requiem for an Emperor, and so it shall be. What better than the second season’s second ending theme, わが臈たし悪の華 (Waga Routashi Aku no Hana, full lyrics here) by Ali Project?

濁世は鬼 正義は何ぞと



ああ我は麗し 全智
愛の母 君を産む

黙示の印 真理は何ぞと

Eng. translation:

The corrupt world is a monster; “What is justice?”
Struggle against it before you ask that, oh wicked flower
Gaze at the eyes that look to a hypocritical dream
There’s no such thing as being able to distinguish between holiness and evil

Light ceases; like a fetus
You sleep in the womb of darkness
Indeed loneliness is dear
It’ll become your sole ally, right?

Smear them one by one with blood
Being born into this period,
Oh, chosen princes
Indeed fighting is a banquet

Ah, I am a beautiful omniscience
The mother of love gives birth to you
What nurtures you in this milk
Is your brethren of hell

The mark of a revelation; “What is the truth?”
Without even knowing that, the seed is buried and concealed
With a double-edged sword, turn your sword on a pulled sword
Only believe in the things that you must protect
You release yourself as you are

Goodbye, Lelouch. I probably sound like some teary-eyed fangirl. But do I look like I care?

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