DaiCon ’09: Not so ‘Dai'(大) after all

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Figures on Display

Um, well. Here’s a convention report. This is probably the first time I’m doing this. For some reason all the photos turned out a little blurry, and I’m still a little mad about it. The main highlight of the event was a concert by Chihara Minori (茅原実里), a seiyuu most famous for her role as ‘Keanu-Reeves-is-a-baby-next-to-me-Nagato-Yuki‘. No, I didn’t go for it, because the tickets cost a bomb, and I’m rather low on gunpowder at the moment.

So what did I do really? Rather, ask what I hoped I’d be able to do, the answer being: walk in, and exit with a crate of cheap Japanese manga. After all the local conventions I’ve attended, I really should have expected this- there was just one stall selling local doujin. Not interested, sorrriee~ Other countries seem to have it better. Coco, from uh, Canada, I think- managed to get some Japanese manga. Singapore will be having it’s ‘Anime Festival Asia’ soon, which, from what I gather, is a pretty big event….  those lucky Southerners(>,<)

We (I went with two high school pals) were greeted with a booklet containing the usual dull speeches, an event schedule, rules, etc… and a small box, which I thought was some sort of mint. Yay, something to munch on. Feeling the need to bite on something a while after that, I fished it out of my bag and found out that it was really toothpaste. Like, whaaaat?

The exhibition hall looked rather… empty. We made one round and headed for the maid cafe. Question: what is the purpose of a maid cafe? Answer: It’s for guys to flirt with maids, and be called goshujinsama (Master) upon entering. The other two were hungry and just made a beeline for a table. As for me, I was feeling rather glum after surveying the stalls.

To Heart

To Heart

Made a heart out of a serviette for no entire reason. On second thought, maybe it was to perplex the maid-waitresses. I had an ‘American breakfast’ and coffee. The ‘Am. breakfast’ consisted of scrambled egg, two cheap sausages, two slices of toast, potatoe wedges, and this strange, hard, chewy, oily thing- I should have taken a picture of it. Oh well, too late for that now. The coffee was nice, but coffee is almost always nice anyway. The only people who make bad coffee are those who hate coffee- so says my supreme wisdom, which is currently distorted by hunger. Hey, it was a long drive=,=

More wandering after that. The KKnM stall was supposed to be good, and apparently it had a long, long, line on day one (Yesterday)- they seemed to be doing quite well today too. We had a peek at it- mugs were priced at RM40, T-shirts at around RM100 a piece- maybe I should upload an audio recording of me screaming in ultrasound (Which you can’t hear anyway)- we ran off.



A group of cosplayers posing for the cameras. A curse on the blurriness  which fouled all of today’s photos. Grrr. We got bored, and decided to leave- stopped by at some outdoor food stalls. Disappointment and boredom suddenly decided to have tea and left irritation behind- I decided that I didn’t drive all the way there just for lunch, and we turned back towards the hall to take photos with some of the cosplayers.

Back in the hall, we spotted a stormtrooper surrounded by puny backwater planet peons. I think it must have been Wise Freeman from dannychoo.com. Decided that I’d go and say hi after completing my mission, but when I was done the trooper was nowhere to be seen. We scoured the hall looking for him, but he’d vanished. T.T

Pink Cosplayer

Diced Bunny

I suppose I should have struck a similar pose… but I was probably too busy thinking ‘crap my bag’s gonna get in the way’- it’s happened too many times in the past, but this seems to be one mistake that I never learn from. Good thing it didn’t pull down my shirt this time.

Diced Bunny 2

Diced Bunny 2

Geoff’s turn. He looks similarly stoned- maybe he’s thinking ‘My girlfriend is gonna kill me if she sees this photo- damage control, damage control… don’t pose. Yeah, that’s it, don’t pose…’

Miko and Curls

Miko and Curls

I admit, I have no idea who they were cosplaying as. No matter, though- someone is bound to answer this for me. So to end this- DaiCon wasn’t that ‘Dai’ (Big) at all, as mentioned in the title. But then again that could have been because it was Day 2. Nah, that’s no excuse. In any case there wasn’t any Japanese manga. My photos all ended up blurry, which is really my camera’s problem. Dreaming Artemis has plenty more for you to gawk at. Come to think of it, I really wouldn’t mind if there was only one stall and all they sold was cheap Japanese manga. Oh, why do I even bother. If only BookOff would open an outlet here…

P.S: Apparently something interesting happened a few hours after we left. No, I’m not commenting on it. Hungry (Again) people have no opinions.


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