DaiCon ’09: Not so ‘Dai'(大) after all

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Figures on Display

Um, well. Here’s a convention report. This is probably the first time I’m doing this. For some reason all the photos turned out a little blurry, and I’m still a little mad about it. The main highlight of the event was a concert by Chihara Minori (茅原実里), a seiyuu most famous for her role as ‘Keanu-Reeves-is-a-baby-next-to-me-Nagato-Yuki‘. No, I didn’t go for it, because the tickets cost a bomb, and I’m rather low on gunpowder at the moment.

So what did I do really? Rather, ask what I hoped I’d be able to do, the answer being: walk in, and exit with a crate of cheap Japanese manga. After all the local conventions I’ve attended, I really should have expected this- there was just one stall selling local doujin. Not interested, sorrriee~ Other countries seem to have it better. Coco, from uh, Canada, I think- managed to get some Japanese manga. Singapore will be having it’s ‘Anime Festival Asia’ soon, which, from what I gather, is a pretty big event….  those lucky Southerners(>,<)

We (I went with two high school pals) were greeted with a booklet containing the usual dull speeches, an event schedule, rules, etc… and a small box, which I thought was some sort of mint. Yay, something to munch on. Feeling the need to bite on something a while after that, I fished it out of my bag and found out that it was really toothpaste. Like, whaaaat?

The exhibition hall looked rather… empty. We made one round and headed for the maid cafe. Question: what is the purpose of a maid cafe? Answer: It’s for guys to flirt with maids, and be called goshujinsama (Master) upon entering. The other two were hungry and just made a beeline for a table. As for me, I was feeling rather glum after surveying the stalls.

To Heart

To Heart

Made a heart out of a serviette for no entire reason. On second thought, maybe it was to perplex the maid-waitresses. I had an ‘American breakfast’ and coffee. The ‘Am. breakfast’ consisted of scrambled egg, two cheap sausages, two slices of toast, potatoe wedges, and this strange, hard, chewy, oily thing- I should have taken a picture of it. Oh well, too late for that now. The coffee was nice, but coffee is almost always nice anyway. The only people who make bad coffee are those who hate coffee- so says my supreme wisdom, which is currently distorted by hunger. Hey, it was a long drive=,=

More wandering after that. The KKnM stall was supposed to be good, and apparently it had a long, long, line on day one (Yesterday)- they seemed to be doing quite well today too. We had a peek at it- mugs were priced at RM40, T-shirts at around RM100 a piece- maybe I should upload an audio recording of me screaming in ultrasound (Which you can’t hear anyway)- we ran off.



A group of cosplayers posing for the cameras. A curse on the blurriness  which fouled all of today’s photos. Grrr. We got bored, and decided to leave- stopped by at some outdoor food stalls. Disappointment and boredom suddenly decided to have tea and left irritation behind- I decided that I didn’t drive all the way there just for lunch, and we turned back towards the hall to take photos with some of the cosplayers.

Back in the hall, we spotted a stormtrooper surrounded by puny backwater planet peons. I think it must have been Wise Freeman from dannychoo.com. Decided that I’d go and say hi after completing my mission, but when I was done the trooper was nowhere to be seen. We scoured the hall looking for him, but he’d vanished. T.T

Pink Cosplayer

Diced Bunny

I suppose I should have struck a similar pose… but I was probably too busy thinking ‘crap my bag’s gonna get in the way’- it’s happened too many times in the past, but this seems to be one mistake that I never learn from. Good thing it didn’t pull down my shirt this time.

Diced Bunny 2

Diced Bunny 2

Geoff’s turn. He looks similarly stoned- maybe he’s thinking ‘My girlfriend is gonna kill me if she sees this photo- damage control, damage control… don’t pose. Yeah, that’s it, don’t pose…’

Miko and Curls

Miko and Curls

I admit, I have no idea who they were cosplaying as. No matter, though- someone is bound to answer this for me. So to end this- DaiCon wasn’t that ‘Dai’ (Big) at all, as mentioned in the title. But then again that could have been because it was Day 2. Nah, that’s no excuse. In any case there wasn’t any Japanese manga. My photos all ended up blurry, which is really my camera’s problem. Dreaming Artemis has plenty more for you to gawk at. Come to think of it, I really wouldn’t mind if there was only one stall and all they sold was cheap Japanese manga. Oh, why do I even bother. If only BookOff would open an outlet here…

P.S: Apparently something interesting happened a few hours after we left. No, I’m not commenting on it. Hungry (Again) people have no opinions.


A bit of May and June, Screaming Utter Randomness

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Well, quite a few things have happened over the last couple months, some of which I have neglected to write about, until now. Might as well dump them all into one long (I suppose, as of time of typing this paragraph) post. Perhaps a tiny little summary would help? Here goes, then: a brief tale of Malaysia’s charming relationship with communism, getting into trouble on the only online community I’ve ever bothered to participate in, quiz results ranging across the spectrum from rib-crackingly amusing to insultingly ludicrous, et cetera.

It’s really never a good idea to get into a discussion on politics when you don’t really know much about the matter, or worse still, when you don’t really care. Of course, you’ll only get in trouble for that if the person(s) you engaged is some sort of idealogical zealot deaf to everything but his beliefs, or a political aspirant blind to everything but whatever supports the advancement of his career. But never mind all that for now.

Recently, some local organisation (Was it the Bar Council?) held a poll asking whether the government should allow the former leader of the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya), Chin Peng, who has been hiding in Thailand ever since the Brits (With local help- I predict that if I don’t mention this some nationalist dunce would eventually come at me with a sharpened flagpole) drove them out.

Anyway, this other organisation, GAPENA, which is something like a guild of writers, poets, and the like. Oh, but only for those writing in the Malay language. One of their aims is to ‘protect the Malay language’ or something like that. I wonder why they even bother, especially when said language is already enshrined somewhere in the Constitution as the official language of the Federation. It seems they have absolutely nothing better to do- they went and filed a police report against whoever made the aforementioned poll, saying that those responsible were trying to divide the country. Mmm, I’d like the West Coast please.

Oh well, at least they’ve attracted attention to themselves. Recently the Inspector General of Police announced that blogs sympathetic to Chin Peng would be monitored- yet another organisation with nothing better to do. Well then, if GAPENA can do it, why shouldn’t I? Let’s make it formal to boot: To whomever it does not concern, I formally declare my unwavering support for the return of Chin Peng, former leader of the CPM, to Malaysia. So there. Oh jolly good, the entire Malaysian police force’s intelligence department will be reading my blog, haha.

Alright, enough laughter. Why the fuss over one old man? Everyone who’s against his return says that they’re doing this out of respect for all those who suffered during the communist insurgency. They don’t really hate communism- in fact, the government loves China (But who doesn’t these days?), and has, for the last two or three decades,  often spent some time in Cuba for tea and sugar-cane with Castro. “Why can’t these people just get on with life?” is what every young one who didn’t live through that relatively turbulent time would think. Mostly since I don’t really care, however, I can sympathise with both sides (Except the politicians, but which sensible person does, these days). So there. Whether Chin Peng comes back or not, I don’t really care, despite my earlier ‘oath’. But whatever side-effects his return brings would certainly be most entertaining.

Now on to the next issue. I’ve been a member of the online community dannychoo.com for several months now, and it’s been a nice relaxing, if at times admittedly a little annoying place to be. Through it, I’ve come across quite a few other interesting places, bumped into some interesting folks, etc. Recently, though, I’ve come across a spot of trouble- it seems that my posting rights have been revoked.

Now how did this happen? Ever since I was introduced to Masamune Shirow‘s lesser-known Galhound series, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a translation of it, since, presumably, no one else has bothered to do it, being too preoccupied with… *cough*, other aspects of the series. Even comments like ‘no one cares about the mountain of text’ failed to deter me. With the partial reduction of user privilege, however, translation work has been put hold. Despite the dry, technical nature of most of the text, I’m somewhat reluctant to post the translations on what I still consider a relatively ‘family-friendly’ site.

Here’s the story. I posted a translation of the first image in the series, and all was well. I was about in the process of posting the translation of the second image, when I was forced to plug the phone back in- despite having a splitter, it doesn’t work at all, and I have to disconnect the phone whenever I need to go online, and vice versa, of course. As (un)luck would have it, I was forced to reconnect the phone line while uploading- and later, when the post didn’t show up, I didn’t think much of it- I thought it got fouled up as a result. I reposted it, and went out to lunch.

Apparently, while I was out enjoying an overpriced lunch, everything went wrong. I arrived home to find the repost missing… what could possibly have happened this time, I wondered- and clicked on the upload button again. Only to be redirected to the most irritating page on the site. It looked as if I’d broken some sort of rule- although what rule, I had no idea. Now it’s his site, and I respect that- he can do anything he wants with it, but I just hate screwing up and not having a clue as to what ridiculous breach of conduct I committed to warrant such a reaction. I sent him a nice mail (Without cookies, though) asking where I went wrong, along with an apology… but I haven’t received a reply yet. Oh well. As I said in the mail, I’ll just meditate until then. T.T

Now for something a little less serious. I did some facebook quizzes, silly little things with silly questions to kill time. For example, “What do people think of you at first sight?” and the answer I got was “YOU ARE CUTE; People feel like they have to protect you! aww… you are not so defenceless: show them!“. So far total strangers have said that I look hot, or even nerdy, but as for cute, no- oh wait, I have been called cute before. By a hairdresser I went to once.

In another quiz I did, “What bra size would you have if you were a girl? [GUYS ONLY]“, and my result was size A. Not surprising, I thought, but I did think that Iwould have gotten something slightly… flatter. Maybe AA? Hold on, does that even exist? The quizmaker suggested “stuffing, over-eating, or popping out your back shoulders to make your chest look larger“. I suppose this applies to men as well, but no thanks.

…there were other quizzes as well, but it looks like I’ve forgotten what they were. Oh well. Moving on, the topic of blog stats, or to be more accurate, referrals. I remember getting a referral from the WordPress Dashboard, which left me stunned- where could it have been from? Top WordPress.com blogs today? Or Top posts from around WordPress.com? I was happily stuffing myself in dreamland until I realised that it was probably from one of my own commenter’s WP.com dashboard, which calmed me down enough to look at a referral from wordpress.com with a more cynical sneer on my face.

Oh, some have left me wondering, though. Like the constant referrals I get from Google Reader. The only explanation I have for that is that someone has subscribed to my site, although I have no idea who that would be. Oh well. However, I do know that someone has linked me without a word- as mentioned elsewhere, I don’t normally link to others unless I’ve stalked their site for a long time, and I don’t think I’ve stalked her site for that long, but I’ve linked back all the same, and if you’re reading this, thanks for the linkage, Coco^^;

Next up, shows I’ve watched since exams ended. First up, Chaos;Head (Review published); GTO Live-action drama, one special, and a movie; Nabari no Ou; Kemeko DX; Shinigami no Ballad; Higurashi no naku Koro ni Live-action movie; and Amatsuki. As for books, I’ve completed Un Lun Dun by China Mieville; Sandworms of Dune and The Road to Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson; Magic: The Gathering, The Shattered Alliance by Jeff Grubb. Currently in the process of reading I wouldn’t start from here by Andrew Mueller. Which I’m already turning to as I publish this post, even though it’s not all that great.

Back to India you go

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Note: Before we go any further, all this took place on the 22nd of May- it’s dated before the previous post. Blame my frazzled brain for this.

I actually skipped class for this one. Ming had come back from India (Where she’s studying Dentistry) sometime late February, but I was just too caught up with everything else to remember- and to make things worse, my mobile number was canceled without warning. Never mind.

Ran off after the first class, after tasking Lizbeth with data collection. Went home, had a quick shower, changed, and sped off to Sunway. Called them as soon as I got there, but no one answered- which meant that they could only be in one place- the arcade. Cell phones are nothing more than useless pieces of plastic and metal in there. I was right- there they were, crowding around Alvin who was playing some silly Virtua Cop~esque game.

The Ooi Lives!

 My first thought upon seeing this guy: “You’re alive!” Haven’t seen Tommy since… since. Almost two years, I think. As for the rest of the guys who showed up- well, Ming, of course, Alvin, Geoff, Wai Lam, Jimmy, and Owen (Who showed up later). All old school mates. Having known them for so long I don’t particularly miss them one bit, haha! I expect a few kicks from the guys next time we meet because of this…

Went over to the cinema to get the movie  tickets. Couldn’t really decide on what to watch (There was nothing really eye-catching in the theatres) , and ended up with Watchmen. More on that later. Movie was around 5.30- we still had plenty of time till then. No one had any idea what to do- I suggested going into random boutiques, trying out the clothes and taking photos, but that got turned down *sigh*. Inevitably, I suppose, with a group of 5 guys (And one girl), we ended up in a cybercafe. We played this game called Left for Dead while Ming checked out Korean guys^^; For the record- that was my second time playing it. Had enough of it for a lifetime. Note: that doesn’t mean that I find it excellent. The other guys, though, probably still love it to bits…

Time for the movie. Found ourselves circling the innards of Pyramid, searching for a parking space. Ended up a little late for the movie- probably missed 5 to 10 minutes of it. Here’s the review- oh before that, one that I read somewhere on the net- it went something like this:

Blue man’s dolphin.
Followed by excellent bedroom scene.
Some action.
More of blue man’s dolphin. Whale sized too.
Suddenly, THREE of blue man’s dolphins!
Another excellent bedroom scene.
More action.
Blue man’s dolphin.

…fellow members of dannychoo.com would know what I’m talking about here^^;; As for my opinion of the show… it was alright, if a little slow. Definitely not a straightforward action movie, if that’s what you were looking for. It’s more of a thinking movie. The stark reality of life- peace doesn’t come free. Conspiracy thorists will probably see this as an endorsement of Bush’s war on terror, but I digress. To cut things short- if you ignore all the deep threads running through it, it’s all about (And I’m not making fun of the above review here) making love, not war. Which doesn’t sound like a bad idea if you ask me.  

Dinner at Kim Gary’s- this chain restaurant that supposedly specialises in Hong Kong cuisine. Owen joined us then, and Tommy left. Owen had just came over from college- he wouldn’t skip class:p I  had some kind of strange cheese-curry-beef rice. Spicy, it actually choked me. No other comment on it.

She misses me.

She misses me.

Owen. He came late:p

Owen. He came late:p

No photos of the other guys who came, although there’s one of Geoff waving his arms in the dark, taken at his house. Previous photos are a little blurry- naturally, it wasn’t me who took them:3 …Well, most of them, at any rate. Sent Ming to her new condo after stopping over at Geoff’s place for a bit. Two cars just to send her back- a little Kelisa (The one that Jeremy Clarkson smashed), and me in my old Mazda. A veritable motorcade.

Brief Update: December ’08

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Pretty, no?

Pretty, no?

First things first. If you’ve been here before you’d probably have noticed the new header. I’d liked the original header provided with the skin, although I’d always had plans to make my own one sometime in the future. Another thing- ever since I saw it on someone else’s blog, this feeling of, well, utter crappiness just set in and the more I looked at it the more I hated it. It had to go, immediately. And this is the result. Nice, eh? I didn’t draw it myself- cut it out from the wallpaper in the picture above. Would provide a source, but I got it a an eternity ago and have no idea where it came from, so too bad.

Mock exams are coming. December 16 to 19, I think. Luckily (I suppose) since I’m in the September intake, we’ll only get a ‘semi-mock’- 2 questions per paper instead of 4, albeit in half the allotted time. Let’s see- I joined in August, and haven’t studied since. Exams are… next week.  I feel vaguely bad about not feeling any pressure. On second thought… nah.

Elizabeth asked me if I’d want to go along with her to Lumut to ‘recuperate’ (she’s been a little off recently). Some sort of recreational resort or something, with various activities like archery, that kinda thing. Thought I’d go along but she canceled herself. The price itself was scary- about 400 bucks. Slightly disappointed, but it can’t be helped, as she was just planning to tag along with her cousins (who canceled)=.=;

By the way, I am currently pretty annoyed that I missed out on getting my Christmas present. Was busy watching TV (that Bruce Lee drama on 8TV) instead of going online, where I would have found the random giveaway on dannychoo.com. Missed it by a few hours. Yes, I don’t celebrate Christmas, which is why I have to win contests instead. I could always buy the stuff I want, but since I’d be using my money that wouldn’t really count as a present, would it now?

Today is the 10th of December, and I really have nothing else to say right now. Fine, I admit, I’m just plain lazy. So till next post, adios……

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