Mock Comedy/Tragedy

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It’s quite silly, really. I’m supposed to be having mock exams this week, from Monday till Thursday. Initially I thought I’d go for every paper, but when one of the lecturers told us that it would be better to stay home and study instead of just going for the mocks just for the sake of it, I decided he was right, although my original intention was split 50/50(Going for the sake of going, and to to sincerely sit for the mocks).

Anyway, I decided not to show up for the first paper- Criminal Law. Decided that I’d be better off making my notes- but in the process, I caught a terrible flu, which gave me a legitimate excuse for missing it. The next paper was Common Law on Tuesday- this time, I was just too tired from making my notes that I couldn’t be bothered to go, despite telling Lizbeth that I would.

On the third day- Public Law. I thought I’d go for this one, but then pop (that felt so Archie’ish^^;) realized that he’d gotten his flight time (To Guangzhou) wrong, and I had to send him to the airport at 3am (Although he drove on the way there). Never mind that- I couldn’t sleep a wink.  Drove on the way back- I think I must have taken a longer route- only paid one toll compared to two on the way.

Spent the entire journey back home singing along to Japanese songs and having my face blasted with cool morning air. Finally collapsed in bed with a dry throat around 5.30am. Decided then not to go for Public, set my alarm for 10am, and died.

I needed to get my LAN certificate- took a bus out to Brickfields. Stopped at MidValley first- since the person I was told I would need to meet would only be in college by 1-2pm. Got myself a new phone number- I hadn’t reloaded my old one for about 3 months, and they canceled it without warning (Noticed this last  Sunday). Meanies.

Walked around the whole mall looking for clothes- and as usual, found nothing (Partially due to my fussiness). Finally, I ended up in Jusco- there was a sale- and snapped two shirts from Seed at 70% off, just for the sake of getting ’em. Desperately need new shirts.

Went to college (ex)- and was told by the person I was told to go to that she wasn’t the person I needed to meet, and that the person I really needed to see was out for lunch, and would be back in an hour or so,  the same thing that I was told when I went to look for her the last time. Why is it people are never around when you want them to? Got the correct (Hopefully) person’s phone number to avoid future nonsense.

And if you’re wondering, I will not be going for tomorrow’s mock exam- Contract law, because I know absolutely nothing about it. Will stay at home and continue making my notes.  And sing along to the best song I’ve heard from Ito Yuna in ages- Trust You. Here’s the PV for it, and  enjoy your exams, whoever is going for it.


Random Ranting 3

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One statute that keeps rearing it’s ugly little head in a British law program is the Human Rights Act 1998, which enables the enforcement of ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) rights in the United Kingdom, and it covers blitheringly obvious subjects like the right to marriage, freedom, a fair trial, etc.

A lecturer once asked us, which do you find more important- “Human rights or national security?” Most of the class answered national security, me included. He was quite disappointed- “Good to know that there’re actually lawyers that are more concerned about national security. But then again that’s natural, right? No one cares about human rights until you’re the one being abused by the police, right?”

Which is quite true. We’re a selfish bunch, alright. Didn’t think much of this incident until about a week ago… the Amnesty International club is organising a ‘lecturer auction’ event for this year’s Student Ball, where the winning bid would get a free lunch or something like that- anyway, they came in to do a little promotion. The explanation included “oh, and only girls are allowed to bid for the male lecturers…”

Ah. Do I sense a wisp of sexual discrimination here? Doesn’t Article *insert random number, I forgot which it is* of the ECHR expressly forbid any form of discrimination? By forbidding the homosexuals from bidding for their desired partner, aren’t they discriminating against homosexuals (never mind if there’s any in the college- I have no idea about that)? Why didn’t the lecturer present say anything about that? Whatever happened to human rights? Oh yes of course- we’re Malaysians, so who really cares about human rights, eh?

I should probably have said all that just to cause some trouble. Then again, they’d probably have shot back with “And are you going to bid? Are you even going to the ball in the first place?”, to which I’d have to reply in the negative. I don’t even have locus standi (grounds to bring a case). It doesn’t really concern me in the first place. It’s not worth arguing over, but it is an interesting topic for a short rant.

Now, on with life- UNICEF is being an idiot in Japan, but that’s material for another rant… one rant per rant post.

Make me Lord, that I May Smite ye Puny Laws

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ImperiumImperium, Robert Harris
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This book actually dared to rekindle my dying interest in law. I’m not going to bother giving a wonderful ‘makes reader wanna steal it from me’ review, since there’s already plenty lurking here and there. Don’t be lazy and just go find it. So one thing’s out of the way: this is in no way a book review. However, I’m gonna be the nice person I am and bequeath you all with a short summary: Cicero, Roman nobody, whose name was derived from the Latin word for chickpea, has a big ambition, and the ego to match: imperium, total control of the state.

Harris gives us a first person view of Cicero through the eyes of his personal assistant/slave Tiro, vividly detailing Cicero’s beginnings as a trainee orator, then senator, and finally one of the two consuls of Rome… and of course, his law firm. Cicero would probably trump any of the lawyers we have these days, but I’m straying away from the point I’m trying to make. I’d always liked ancient Roman history, but I’d never bothered about Cicero or their legal system, politics, etc. The only attention Cicero got from me before I read the book was a quote aimed at Julius Caesar: “Come now, what orator would you rank above him…?” Somewhere through the book, I got interested in law again. Went online and found some of Cicero’s speeches- long long things requiring lots of patience to go through. Which I didn’t have. Anyway the point is the book got me interested in law again. Now why couldn’t this have taken place just before my contract and tort exams?

…gah… I hate this cybercafe keyboard… so I’ll make this quick. Law exams are over. I want to forget about law. Contract was touchy. Tort was oddly satisfying. Now that the whole world knows how my law paper went, it’s time to move on. Purge all this nonsense out of my precious head. Return the rainbowishness to my voluptous brain cells. I stared at my friends com screen. Someone died on it. Now I forgot what I was going to say- oh wait. From this point onwards, my interest in law shall be confined to the realm of fiction. Who cares if Malaysia won some tiny rock in the middle of the ocean that’s gonna be flooded in a few years due to smokers and oily residue from KFC kitchens.

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