Stupidity, naiveté, and how I sleep at night

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Another ‘random dump’ post. As such, the image has absolutely nothing to do with the title of the post, or it’s contents. Here’s the source, though, if you like it. The original caption for the image goes something like ‘I wouldn’t like it if someone like this turned up on my doorstep’. Continue Reading Stupidity, naiveté, and how I sleep at night…


Random Ranting 3

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One statute that keeps rearing it’s ugly little head in a British law program is the Human Rights Act 1998, which enables the enforcement of ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) rights in the United Kingdom, and it covers blitheringly obvious subjects like the right to marriage, freedom, a fair trial, etc.

A lecturer once asked us, which do you find more important- “Human rights or national security?” Most of the class answered national security, me included. He was quite disappointed- “Good to know that there’re actually lawyers that are more concerned about national security. But then again that’s natural, right? No one cares about human rights until you’re the one being abused by the police, right?”

Which is quite true. We’re a selfish bunch, alright. Didn’t think much of this incident until about a week ago… the Amnesty International club is organising a ‘lecturer auction’ event for this year’s Student Ball, where the winning bid would get a free lunch or something like that- anyway, they came in to do a little promotion. The explanation included “oh, and only girls are allowed to bid for the male lecturers…”

Ah. Do I sense a wisp of sexual discrimination here? Doesn’t Article *insert random number, I forgot which it is* of the ECHR expressly forbid any form of discrimination? By forbidding the homosexuals from bidding for their desired partner, aren’t they discriminating against homosexuals (never mind if there’s any in the college- I have no idea about that)? Why didn’t the lecturer present say anything about that? Whatever happened to human rights? Oh yes of course- we’re Malaysians, so who really cares about human rights, eh?

I should probably have said all that just to cause some trouble. Then again, they’d probably have shot back with “And are you going to bid? Are you even going to the ball in the first place?”, to which I’d have to reply in the negative. I don’t even have locus standi (grounds to bring a case). It doesn’t really concern me in the first place. It’s not worth arguing over, but it is an interesting topic for a short rant.

Now, on with life- UNICEF is being an idiot in Japan, but that’s material for another rant… one rant per rant post.

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